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Increase Your Productivity with Wozaik

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Efficiency is at the heart of event planning. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the .
Being focused on what you do is becoming increasingly difficult with the Inernet information overload. Wozaik comes to the rescue in as a ‘read later’ free productivity tool.

I could define Woziak as Evernote on steroids.

My approach with online productivity tools is that there is a threshold that needs to be respected in terms of simplicity.

What I liked about Wozaik is that it is ridiculously simple to cut parts of a website for later consultation. It also reminded me of Instapaper, a great app that is generating lots of attention.

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Increase Your Productivity with Wozaik https://goo.gl/fxOTC

They released a video to take you through its features: