imbookin Aims to Be Your One Stop Event Booking Service

imbookin is a new startup on the block willing to simplify the event lover pain of chasing people to book venues and meal options.

RFP simplification is quite a hot event startup topic. Event marketplaces are popping everywhere. We all know of Cvent RFP engine and recently Eved got our attention for a massive round of funding.

I anticipated in my 10 event trends for 2012 presentation that 2012 is going to be the year of event dashboards. Here you go!

imbookin is a new player that offers a unique point of contact to manage event bookings.

How Does It Work?

Well, here is a nice video to explain it:

Pretty common situation, right? Usually that means that the startup idea is a winner.

Why Does It Matter?

You can’t really afford to lose any time these days. Anything that improves your time management is worth having a look.

imbookin gets down to details, you can select meal options like buffet or open bar. Details, details, details. We love details, don’t we?

I also like the fact it’s based on recommendations and it stimulates suppliers to use rich media, quite key when selecting a venue online.

If you are a supplier, this should be a no brainer for you.

Where Is It Available?

For the time being it’s only in the U.S. and specifically New York but they tell me they should roll out quickly in Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Bit of a bummer for us in Europe but I guess it’s a great way to test the adoption of the service.

In Conclusion

imbookin is definitely worth your attention, give it a go and test it. Also bear in mind to send your feedback as they are the quintessential startup and will appreciate your opinion.

Disclaimer: Liz Mazzei, director of imbookin, manages our LinkedIn Group’s NYC subgroup.