The Ultimate Collection of Great Speaker Websites

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Whether you want to hire a speaker, be inspired or get some ideas about what a great speaker can do for your events, this comprehensive collection of great speaker websites can help.

Every great speaker adds depth and dimension to an event and an incentive for your attendees to book (in some cases making it the driving force for attendees). In order to avoid these speaker fails, you need to choose wisely. Event planners expect more from their speakers than just rocking up to speak so choosing one that has a decent website could be a good place to start. A speaker website that helps solve some of your problems, keeps you interested and helps to provide value from the outset can be an excellent choice and provide you with the right inspiration from the beginning.

Motivational Speakers

Attendees need to be motivated whether it is because you are selling your products or services or if they are looking to improve their lives. These speakers can motivate you using their websites as well as their voices with a range of resources, videos and advice you may find yourself motivated and inspired to come up with more event ideas.

Sally Hogshead

Sally’s website is called: “how to fascinate” and aims to give you insight and motivation to make you be taken more seriously. It is particularly useful for those in leadership or business roles. There is a free personality test and analysis that you can try which helps to determine what type of team member you are, the types of qualities you have and how you can improve them. She focuses particularly on the workplace, communication and team building within a business environment as well with her blog posts and advice.

Tony Robbins

If only every speaker got a reaction like the video on this site! Particularly useful for health and wellbeing events, Tony uses his website to promote his own live shows as well as his self-help books and coaching opportunities. His coaching sessions are available for website users and the large database of blogs and articles are helpful to use if you are looking for motivation and inspiration to help yourself. The podcast on the site is also beneficial for those who would prefer access to Tony’s resources anywhere.

Les Brown

As a Leading motivational speaker, Les has consulted a wide variety of groups from community leaders to Fortune 500 CEO’s. He is not only a speaker but provides training to others who want to learn to be keynote or motivational speakers and his site reflects the work that he has done. With YouTube videos and quotes available on the site you get an insight in how he motivates others and it gives you a taster of how he helps. More interestingly, he has just released an app that is available through his site that you can now download (along with some discount codes) which is worth taking a look at.

Leah O’Brien Amico

Three time Olympic gold medalist, Leah uses her Olympic experience and training methods to help her speaking engagements to motivate the audience. While she also discusses her successes she predominantly discusses teamwork, motivation and success in a work capacity and the photos, press updates and releases and shop on the site can all benefit them.

Kevin Kelly

As a motivational sales speaker who has worked with large brands such as coca cola, Microsoft and HSBC, eventprofs can learn a lot from Kevin and his website. He uses social media and hashtags frequently to promote his message or get his voice across and in one example, Kelly managed to raise €450,000 using a €5 budget and the hashtag #fiveraweek. He also uses #SalesInVoice online when raising awareness of his selling but predominantly he motivates others to sell and improve. The up to date blog and books available on the website are also great resources and adaptable for an eventprof who is looking to up their fundraising event game!

Leadership Speakers

Leadership can make or break a team during the event planning process and if your event or brand is looking for speakers on leadership these are some of the best in their field. Their websites have a range of useful resources as well as ways to book them individually for your event in order to have the best speaker to inspire change and leadership in your attendees or staff.

Connie Dieken

Connie’s website and speeches help to discuss the type of leader or influencer you are which is perfect for event professionals looking for more confidence. Using the online blog and videos, she coaches you to become a better leader and more influential and provides you with live social updates to keep in contact. As an influence and leadership coach and author you will also find her motivational books online and she is available for keynote speaking at events as well.

Coach Ken Carter

This name should ring a bell, coach Ken Carter is such an inspirational leadership figure to young people, the Samuel L. Jackson movie ‘Coach Carter’ was based on Ken and his basketball teaching ethos in the small Texas town in 1999. His website contains links to his history and values that made him respected as a leader and can help to adapt in your life. You can relive his best moments, read his resume and have access to his books and speaking engagements.

Jim Collins

As a leadership and self-management speaker and Chair of study for Leadership at the West Point United States Military Academy in 2012 and 2013, Jim has plenty of teaching experience and time to hone his skills. The videos, audio and articles on his website are particularly beneficial for eventprofs who want to take on more responsibility and work of expand their team. The info Jim provides is also useful for entrepreneurs or startups who want to strike out on their own and it is really easy to understand.

Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach

As motivational business speakers, Mike and Tim provide a unique perspective as Mike has almost no movement of his arms and legs as a result of his Cerebral Palsy. Their speeches and on-stage performances help to inspire and connect leadership opportunities in the workplace and align them with current company values.

Their site is fun and quirky called Handicap This and aims to break barriers placed on those with disabilities in the work environment. With their story along with the podcast, blog and webisodes, there is plenty to see and do on their site and they even offer school programs too.

Mark Sanborn

From the outset you can see that Mark has a lot of experience and his website has testimonials from prior speaking events from FedEx to Costco about his leadership and motivation specialty. With a long client list and experience combined with the leadership blog and resources on the site it provides a lot of value. In addition to this, unlike other websites, Mark has included quotes and quote graphics to visually inspire and motivate others.

Keynote Speakers

These speakers target particularly the keynote address at events ranging from discussing their own businesses, start-ups and journeys to providing valuable insight for entrepreneurs and giving inspirational business advice to get you started. If you are looking to hack your keynote then look into these speaker websites for inspiration.

Dr. Frank Shankwitz

As founder of the Make-A-Wish foundation he has done plenty of keynote speeches and was rated as the number 1 keynote speaker for 2016 by Forbes. With videos and music on his website you can see a snapshot of Frank’s life and journey which has led to him becoming an inspirational keynote speaker.

Lisa Nichols

On motivating the masses, Lisa provides encouragement and assistance to everyone from millionaires to single mom’s. She has six best selling books that are available through her site as well as programs from speaking, global leadership and “28 days to results”. Her live keynotes are available on the site as well as interviews and videos she has taken part in. Finally there is a members only area offering exclusive access to speakers resources that is available on the site for those wanting more depth.

Jeff Degraff

Providing book resources that focus on innovation on his site coupled with the up-to-date blog it provides a lot of insight into organisation, management and business which is Jeff’s specialty. As a business speaker and Management and Organization Professor at the University of Michigan he has plenty of speaking experience.

Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour

As an inspirational beat cop turned combat pilot who served two tours and became the first African American Female Combat Pilot, Vernice is a favorite speaker who combines her battle experience and flare to appeal to audiences. Her site is bold and contains an array of resources including her blog, videos, coaching opportunities and testimonials on her previous motivational keynote addresses.

Greg Reid

As someone who has spoken at the Pentagon and Harvard University, Greg has a lot of high profile engagements under his belt. He also has the unique experience of being an interviewer as well and sitting the other side of the fence with many great names from Buzz Aldrin to The Crown Princess of Serbia. His website contains articles, cartoon videos and examples or snippets from his interviews which can give you some great motivation as well as a different perspective for inspiring events.

Peter Diamandis

As a number 1 New York Times bestseller with his book: “Abundance – The Future is Better Than You Think”, Peter Diamandis has experience writing and speaking about business and innovation. His website is particularly interesting because of the host of resources, the regular newsletter and the blog which provide business information surrounding technology, marketing and other tips. His YouTube channel discussing business, technology and motivation.

Business/Success Speakers

Specifically targeting businesses and inspiring success is the aim of these top speakers. They look at trying to self-motivate you to make the necessary changes in your business or brand. Covering everything from the recipes to business success to marketing specifics these speakers would benefit events, trade shows or conferences aimed at entrepreneurs or start-ups.

Sharon Lechter

Aimed particularly at entrepreneurs, Sharon focuses on company branding, financial literacy, marketing and successful businesses. As a successful author with a range of speaking events that you can keep up to date with, she aims to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs by talking about success and business. The up-to-date blog is particularly useful and provides good value to readers as well as the shop that you can browse for resources! Sharon’s aim is to empower a billion women before 2020 and she in part does this through her great speaker website.

Ruben Gonzalez

Four time winter Olympian in the luge, Ruben Gonzalez uses his training and background to appeal to entrepreneurs and startups to discuss seizing opportunities and staying motivated. His blog has a range of videos and examples of his keynote speeches which can be motivating and give you examples of what to expect. This added to the blog, newsletters and presentation options makes it a particularly interesting speaker website from the perspective of an Olympian.

Brian Smith

As the founder of UGG, Brian Smith discusses his success and that of building a brand correctly. His achievements are inspiring and innovative which helps in his speaking and the advice given on his website. While he offers coaching, books and YouTube videos it is his killer blog that offers the most value on his website that you should look into.

Scott Duffy

This is a great website if you don’t enjoy a lot of reading because Scott Duffy uses a lot of video and audio media by having a variety of videos and radio interviews with a range of large brands and businesses. His focus on content marketing and launching small businesses is particularly useful in the event industry and can be easily transferred and as well as his speaking commitments, he offers coaching and a podcast too.

Larry Bailin

As a corporate speaker, Larry is quite broad ranging and covers topics from; marketing and sales to speaking engagement and events. In particular his blog has a lot of news updates, interviews, videos and articles to get a sense of Larry’s speaking style and business stance before booking. In addition to this, the videos and previous speeches provide good value to those wanting inspiration on topics for a corporate or business speaker.

In Conclusion

A speaker can help your event and these are a pick of some top options. With a range of helpful resources, from audio podcasts, radio interviews and videos to well written blogs, graphics and books there is something available for everyone in this ultimate collection. Before you contact them just make sure you’re not getting hosed on speaker fees.