The Good Event Registration Guide 2015 Is Out!

The original Good Event Registration Guide has been one of the most popular reports we’ve ever launched. With 17,000 downloads to date, it signals the need for clarity and direction event professionals scream for when it comes to registration and ticketing.

There is some news about event registration, it has become a commodity. That makes event registration an even more crucial and relevant topic for everyone working in the industry.

Hundreds of event professionals told us what they thought about their experience with event registration providers and some of the results are staggering:

– A large portion of event professionals do not use online registration services
– 1 in 4 event professionals spend nothing on registration.
– The biggest frustration event professionals have with registration is the lack of functionality.

These are only some of the findings of our research.

Better Comparison, Better Features

We’ve brought better, more in depth comparison to our tables. We’ve highlighted the main type of events each registration provider aims at. We’ve also broken down pricing so you have a clear understanding of how much you will spend for your event. We’ve also asked exact fund processing times, making sure you know exactly when you will be able to access the money collected through ticket sales.

The aim of The Good Event Registration Guide is to cut through the marketing and sales noise and tell it how it is. Registration remains one of the most crucial area of your event planning process. It impacts on areas such as security, guest satisfaction, engagement, financial stability. You cannot let registration and ticketing decisions to be  influenced by a coffee with a smiling sales person. We believe this guide empowers you to make sound decisions about your event.

$100 Donation per 1,000 Downloads

A few weeks ago I asked our community on LinkedIn to let us know about charities for event professionals. I got to know about the SEARCH Foundation. I was very impressed by the project and global span. We made an agreement on Friday 13 to donate $100 per each 1,000 downloads. Little did I know that few hours later, madness unravelled in Paris.

Several partners we work with are based in France and I know for a fact some of their friends have been affected by the shootings. EventMB is a tiny business but it will do its part to support the wellbeing of event professionals around the world. SEARCH foundation is dedicated to support event profs in need. I am sure they will do their part for France and Paris.

Events were at the centre of this massacre and as event professionals we need to stand up for our community. I hope industry associations can do their part to help.

Every 1,000 downloads = $100 donation. If we reach 20,000 downloads we will give an extra $500.  So go and share the s&£t out of the report.

Also make sure to reach out or donate according to your situation to SEARCH.

In Conclusion

Grab your copy now. No email submission required. Read it online or save a PDF copy of it. You can’t afford to do without.

Make sure to share it with your colleagues and support SEARCH.