20 Good and Bad Tweets Attendees Will Send About Your Event

Is your event on Twitter? Well, probably you will see these tweets coming your way soon!

Tweets about events

Oh Twitter, don’t you love it? With its sarcastic, argumentative, serendipitous soul. A bit like us #eventprofs.

After reading several hundreds of tweets about events I attended or organised, I made myself an idea of recurring themes.

If you plan events and your demographic cares about Twitter, it is highly likely you have seen these on your dashboard.

I am glad to present some Frequently Tweeted Updates that define the world of events and some reasons why attendees send them.

In both cases they tweet because they care, it is your job to change the bad into good and the good into great.

Oh, I’ve added gifs for each of them, well because we love gifs!

Bad: ‘Oh, This speaker, AGAIN!’

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Calling the same speaker or performer again and again could annoy attendees on the log term. Look for hidden gems.

Good: ‘The smallest detail was taken care of today. Top job!’

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No it’s not OCD, it’s your job. While others feel you are being too granular, you know exactly how many pixels are needed to create a beautiful big picture.

Bad: ’45 Minutes in line to get in, what a great start of the day.’

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There are tools such as QRcodes or electronic guest lists to speed up lines. Nobody likes queues, get rid of them.

Good: ‘Made amazing contacts at the event. Definitely recommend!’

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Are you giving your attendees proper networking opportunities? Is your attendee mix well thought?

Bad: ‘That canapé looks great, but my dog won’t eat it’.

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Have you tasted all the food that will be served at your event? Great chefs always taste!

Good: ‘I needed some time to work today and I was given access to a business lounge with plugs and free wifi’

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Anticipate the needs of your attendees. Surprise them and be ready.

Bad: ‘They could have at least put a map of the venue on the site’

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Just an address won’t do it anymore. Adding a map to a website with directions is something a 12 year old could do.

Good: ‘Top event app with key information such as schedule and speakers slides, awesome!’

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Event apps are becoming the norm for several demographics, make good use of them.

Bad: ‘Download the PDF to check who’s speaking? Seriously? In 2014?’

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Despite the love of some for PDF schedules, a dynamic, content rich, mobile ready version is what attendees welcome. A PDF alternative is ok, as long as it is not the only alternative.

Good: ‘Can’t wait to go back home and tell my friends/colleagues about the event. See you next year.’

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Are you creating unforgettable experiences? Don’t think in slots, how your registration staff smiles at reception is as important as the performance of your keynote.

Bad: ‘Wow, 20 minutes listening to this guy’s self promotion. Where is my session?’

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Clearly communicate to performers what is expected of them, make sure they work for you – because you are paying them, right?

Good: ‘This speaker is so cool. #inspired’

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Hey well done! You’ve done your research and thought out of the box. Attendees love that.

Bad: ‘Great Keynote but What Happens Now?’

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Do attendees know what happens next? Don’t let them lose momentum, let your MC explain clearly what is next or use mobile apps with push notifications wisely.

Good:‘We had a fire alarm at the event, everyone knew exactly what to do!’

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Security comes always first. Go beyond your legal compliance, specially if you deal with large audiences. Exceed expectations also in making people feel secure.

Bad: ‘Oh They have a Twitter account. Last tweet was in 2010!‘

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Do not abandon your social media handles, a part of your attendees personality will be lost with them (and you won’t see these tweets coming).

Good: ‘Wifi was very performing, downloaded few presentations with no problems’

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Make wifi work. I will keep saying this until this plague is gone.

Bad: ‘I could have done a better job than that speaker’

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How did you select your speakers? Did you research their Slideshare channel, did you see them in action before?

Good: ‘Finally an event that delivers on its promise to be educational and valuable’

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Writing bold statements on your event website is easy, creating an event that delivers on those is an art. Over-promise and over-deliver.

Bad: ’This event planner is too busy to talk to me’

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Don’t look busy for the sake of it, just don’t!

Good: ‘Took pages of notes, what great speakers, loved it!’

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If education is a priority, make sure your performers know how to educate. Entertainment is different from education.

In Conclusion

Social Media and Twitter expose the good and bad there is with every event, so give them something great to tweet about!