Easily Submit Your Event to Online Listings with Getpromotd

2012 is the year of Event Dashboards. We have less money and time to do manually what can be automated through online services. Enter GetPromotd, an easy tool to help you promoting events through online listings.

Many readers write anguished requests for help. There is too much going on. Marketing, planning, coordination, social media, virtual, hybrid – the list goes on.

When budgets go down, all of the above becomes way too much.

In what looks like a tough year ahead, it’s time to focus on tools and activities that maximise your effort, bring economies of scale and ultimately save you time.

This is why I liked GetPromotd.

What is it?

GetPromotd helps publishing your event to online listings and some social networks. The rationale behind it makes it very similar to Eventasaurus, but the approach is quite different.

I had a chat with Tim who commented that:

…where Eventasaurus includes the additional services, like RSVP aggregation or providing a single place for social network comments we push your listing out wider. For our last client, Fastlife Speed Dating, we submitted their events to over 45 event calendars. With both national, like Eventful or Zvents, or local spread, like the Boston events calendar, we find that our clients get a pretty nice increase in attendance.

How Does it work?

Tim explains:

Our system submits your events to 13 national event calendars like Once finished here, the system then moves on to your local area and submits your event to at least 5 local event calendars, anywhere from the local TV station’s event calendars to the private, personally owned website that everyone in the area uses to find fun things to do. Typical customers receive over 20+ listings, each with the branding and event/ticketing links that they want the world to see.

Once finished, you receive your first email showing your listings. The next week, GetPromotd provides stats on your listing via email or the website. These stats include total visitors, referring websites, and other information which helps you market more effectively both on and off GetPromotd. Each week, you’ll receive another email and see your traffic grow.

What Services Does it Cover?

GetPromotd did not want to give away too much but I gathered they publish to:

– Eventful
– Zvents
– Yelp

Social sites like:

– Facebook
– Delicious
– Digg
– Plancast

Other websites like:

– Backpage
– etc.

Local sites such as for NYC:
– CBS Local- New York
– The Village Voice
– Eventguide NYC

Why Should You use it?

The biggest advantage of using GetPromotd is local coverage.

This a very tough to find feature. Usually event listing websites are very fragmented on a local level. Either you know them or you miss out.

Secondly I was quite enthusiastic about the volume of outlets covered. For some events you want to be out and about and the more listings you have the merrier.

Price is very accessible with a starting $15/per event fee for a personal account. Give it a go and tell me what you think.