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The Rise to Event Success

Like a soufflé, the rise of a successful event is in its preparation. You don’t need pots and pans, just the perfect combination of ingredients placed together at the right time. The Event Planner’s Cookbook is a resource that has been designed to provide you with the recipe and the ingredients that you need in order to prepare and execute your event with ease.

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Know Your Event Inside-Out

Why, What, When, Where, and Who? The five W’s: simple, effective, and somewhat overlooked when event planning. Although this stage is often skipped during the event planning process, answering these simple questions early on will help give your event a clear direction and focus. In addition to providing you with direction, they will also outline areas that may require further thought or procedures that may need to be implemented.

Effective Targeting

Audience research is vital in the event planning process, and if done correctly can have a major effect on boosting conversions by enabling you to run a targeted marketing campaign. There are several ways that you can engage your audience and collect information about your target market that goes beyond the generic age, gender, and profession demographics. Social media is the quickest and most effective way of obtaining valuable information about your audience, as are surveys.

Create a persona for your ideal attendee that encompasses all the attributes identified in your market research. Not only will your attendee persona be useful to your marketing efforts, but it will also be vital when organising sponsorship deals and packages. Use the Cookbook and Ingredients to help you complete your audience research with the Audience/Personas Template.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

The world of events is highly competitive and identifying your key differentiators to your audience is paramount to the success of your event. Market research traditionally consisted of researchers trawling through facts and figures collected from competitor websites and company reports. The current socio-economic climate requires the event planner or organiser to go that one step further when analysing their competition.

Attending events organised by your competition will provide you valuable insight and information into their activities and will provide an excellent foundation for planning a bigger, better, more superior event. Compile a detailed analysis of your findings with the Competitor Research Template and utilise the information to your advantage when creating your marketing plan.

SWOT for Success

Tedious, yes; time consuming, perhaps; essential, definitely. At some point in your life, whether in education or your profession, you would have come across the SWOT analysis; like it or not, it is one of the most effective ways of identifying your key strengths and areas for improvement. Using your competitor research when conducting your SWOT analysis will help you minimise the impact of your threats and achieve your event goals by maximising on opportunities.

Track, Measure, Report and Optimise

Long gone are the days of collecting paper surveys and clipboards. Technology has changed the way we market our events, paving the way for greater control and accuracy in tracking, measuring and reporting on the success of event marketing activities. From creating UTM tags for your marketing activities, In-Page analytics, multivariate testing, to optimising for greater conversion, the Event Planner’s Cookbook complete with a complimentary Social Media Tracking tool and Report Template will ensure that your marketing activities are on track.

In Conclusion

The Event Planner’s Cookbook has been created to help the serious event organiser build more robust foundations for their events to ensure greater conversion and boost ROI. The Ingredients, (resources), accompanying the Cookbook have been designed to assist event organisers through the various stages of the event planning process with ease. Packed with valuable assets the Event Planner’s Cookbook is completely to download and is the essential resource for serious event organisers.