Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building Is Now a Unique Vegas Event Space

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The Formula 1 Paddock offers unique space to host events 48 weeks out of the year. The new facility adds a new race-themed option to Vegas' vast list of event spaces.

Formula 1 returns to Vegas in November. Meanwhile, the permanent Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building offers unique meeting space to planners seeking to create experiential activations with ample flexibility.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building at Grand Prix Plaza, which sits on a 39-acre property, is 300,000 sq. ft. overall, making it the largest pit building on the Formula 1 race calendar. Planners have access to four levels of event space, including a surprisingly versatile garage area, floors two and three, and a rooftop. 

Inside the Pit Building 

With roughly 64,200 sq .ft. of indoor event space on the facility’s second level, planners have access to a versatile and unique venue right off The Strip. The indoor space can be subdivided by temporary walls and accommodate up to 3,000 people for reception-style events.

“It fits a ton of people, and it’s very customizable,” according to a spokesperson for Las Vegas Grand Prix. The Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building offers one-of-a-kind features – three turns of a racecourse on a Las Vegas property. “Part of the track is here and the rest is on the city streets,” they said—a true first of a kind for an event venue in Las Vegas. 

Level two also offers planners access to two large outdoor terraces perfect for satellite bars and DJs, as well as creating an indoor-outdoor event flow.

Level three is slightly smaller than level two at 61,837 square feet of meeting space and is without outdoor terraces but has most of the same features, including:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the pit area and the Vegas skyline
  • Seven built-in gourmet finishing kitchens and serving areas
  • Six restrooms
  • Elevator and escalator access
  • Accommodates 3,000 for receptions 
  • Removable steel plates running along both sides of the space for AV rigging
Image of an event setup on the second level of the paddock building.
Photo Credit: Formula1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Unique Rooftop Meeting Space

Planners can take events to the next level as the Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building offers unique meeting space on the facility’s rooftop. While the rooftop spans 71,800 square feet, the format is in pockets of space, making it ideal for intimate groups as a third-level add-on. It has a maximum capacity of 3,000.

“We utilize the rooftop as a mixed-use space, and that includes private, temporary suites that we’ve set up here,” according to the spokesperson. “We’ve created areas that are completely open with furniture, bars, and DJs – it can really be whatever you want it to be.” 

The rooftop also features three 941-sq.-ft. LED displays capable of displaying content to the east side of the Grand Prix Plaza. “If you want to do a screening for your event, these screens are available.” 

Planners also have the opportunity for incredible event branding with a programmable 28,000 sq.ft. rooftop screen that can be seen from planes and helicopters.

Catering Space at the Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building offers options for catering in addition to the finishing kitchens located on the second and third floors. A large paved area adjacent to the facility’s 14 garages works well when set up as a foodie market for a host of food trucks. “It is a very flexible area and power is available,” according to the spokesperson, highlighting that the Las Vegas Grand Prix Pit Building offers unique meeting space.

Each garage consists of three separate bays with access on either side at the pit lane and the west side, allowing for even event flow. A flexible layout also allows planners the option to add or remove walls to create partially or fully enclosed spaces.

“Two of the garages during the race were set up as a Catch Cafe, and Gordon Ramsay fit them out and did a ticketed high-end experience,” the spokesperson said. Using the garages is always an option and provides a nice indoor-outdoor feel. 

Inside look at a garage outfitted as a restaurant.
Photo Credit: Formula1 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 Moving Forward

A survey conducted by Formula 1 revealed that the Las Vegas Grand Prix had the highest percentage of viewership during the 2023 season. However, pushback from business owners over alleged widespread disruptions followed the first race hosted in November 2023.

“We know there were a number of challenges with regard to some local businesses,” said  Chief Legal and Administrative Officer of Liberty Media and Chief Executive Officer of Las Vegas Grand Prix Renee Wilm during Preview Las Vegas 2024. 

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is taking a page from the playbook of the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII and its small business program. The program seeks to engage with small businesses and offer support with contracts, among other benefits. 

“No one knew how hard this project would be from a logistical perspective. We had no playbook, we only had a vision that everyone agreed would be amazing for this town,” Wilm said. 

Lessons Learned

One of the major complaints voiced by members of the Las Vegas community was the disruption to traffic due to construction. 

This year’s race only requires three months of buildup and construction, reduced from last year’s nine months. “The magnitude of the build-up that we saw as a community last year will be much diminished as far as the roadway impacts,” said Las Vegas Grand Prix Chief Operating Officer Betsy Fretwell. 

“You go through your first year and you learn a lot and you get into your second year and continue to improve the model,” said Fretwell. “We’re making the rounds to speak with local businesses and residents to get a sense of how things went, where are some areas of improvement and open some lines of communication.”