Find Us on Facebook

I get really upset at this statement when there is no value attached to it. Here is why you should like our page and connect on Facebook with Event Manager Blog.

I have had a few reserves for the past 5 years about starting a Facebook page for Event Manager Blog.

I don’t like to start social profiles that have no meaning. Telling your attendees to find you on Facebook needs to be a well planned call to action. Same goes for blogs.

Specially because I believe that blogs, being social media themselves, offer a better content experience. Hence my resistance.

I Gave Up

Even more stupid that making lousy calls for followers or fans is not to adapt to the changing face of social.

In the past few months I realized that users like to read blogs via Facebook. They like to be notified when a new post is up on their timeline.

For some readers RSS works best, for others email is a better tool. Some prefer Twitter other Google Plus.

Before landing on Facebook I wanted to have a clear plan in place of what to do there. Most of all I wanted to give you a good reason (or hopefully more than one) to Like our page.

I got some help to organize my thoughts from Sheena, who is helping us here at EMB. The rest is history.

Introducing the Event Manager Blog Facebook Page

I’ll make it clear.

For the time being what you’ll get is just a and be notified when a new one is up.

We’ll also stimulate some discussion with polls and Q&As.

Here is the interesting bit. By the end of the year, I’ll post a piece of exclusive content. This is my promise and it will be available first and exclusively there. Not on this blog.

It will be a report that will help in your daily practice. Can’t say more than that.

I hope this is enough reasons for a start and with time I am anticipating more exclusive content on the page.

If I convinced you, head to Facebook and click on Like. If I didn’t succeed, no worries, we’re still friends 🙂