10 Applications For Your Facebook Event Page

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Some people in Silicon Valley think that Facebook is the next Internet. Despite the dramatic nature of such a statement, the numbers cannot be ignored. Facebook marketing should be an integral part of the event marketing mix.

A Facebook event page is often a good idea. You can use Facebook for planning as well as for marketing your event. You can use it to fundraise, to sell tickets and even to organize a successful wedding.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at 10 Facebook event page applications that will make your event a success:

Facebook Event Page Apps

1. Welcome Tab

Welcome Tab is a must have for a respectable Facebook Page. Welcome Tab adds customization to a page by creating a custom landing page for your Facebook visitors. Adding the app is quite straightforward and if you have a web designer handy you can really elaborate on how to display your event. Welcome Tab is great to keep the look and feel of your marketing on Facebook thus delivering a consistent experience on all touchpoints.

Check out Welcome Tab

2. FundRazr

If you work with no-profits and fundraising, this is the app you can’t do without. FundRazr is powered by PayPal and erodes quite a substantial cut of what you raise. Nonetheless it boosts a staggering 70,000 active user base that makes it a definite must try. Support seems to be a plus when looking at (mostly positive) reviews.

Check out FundRazr

3. FanAppz

FanAppz is the one stop shop to keep your Likers (Fans are so 2006) engaged. I particularly liked Pools and Sweepstakes as well as Coupons. Group Buying is the new black so you want to make sure you apply that to your social engagement strategy. That is if you have one. If you don’t just add the app and play with it. Your Likers will find great value in it.

Check out FanAppz

4. EventBrite For Pages

Despite the sadness of the app page on Facebook, there is great potential here. Online event registration is a great passion here at the Event Manager Blog. Eventbrite is kicking butt and selling tickets through a Facebook event page is really what you want to do. Again there is a big chunk of money that Eventbrite will cut to buy more servers or a bigger house for the investors, or both. However If you use Eventbrite as your event registration platform you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to sell more tickets.

Check out EventBrite For Pages

5. Youtube Channel

Having a pro video production company at your event is a total must. Using the video you produce in a smart way is even more crucial. Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the World. It looks like you are not exploiting all the SEO opportunities here. So go to Youtube, open up a channel, optimize for SEO and then integrate with Facebook via this great app. Now you are cool to go.

Update: No longer exists

6. Connected Wedding

My dear wedding planner or soon to be bride reading this blog, I haven’t forget you. Connected Wedding seems like a wicked solution for your planning needs. You get a website, seating charts, to do lists and plenty of tools. This is enough to make a professional planner blush from anger at how organized you’ll be. Facebook is the natural environment for weddings. The big day is all about family, wanted or unwanted and Facebook is all about that.

Update: No longer exists

7. Plancast

Plancast is totally rocking my world. I can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact I should get a penguin toy as a reward for mentioning them so many times. Well add Plancast to your page and boost more sociability to your evento!

Update: No longer exists

8. Promotions

Promotions does what FanAppz does. However is not a case of me being lazy and putting two apps in a Top Ten chart that do exactly the same thing. Promotions is hell of a popular app. It is also powered by Wildfire who are making a name for themselves in the Facebook Apps space. Test it on your event, see if it delivers, if not move on, if yes come back and read more Event Manager Blog.

Update: No longer exists

9. Nutshell Email

What is it about the Nutshell App that I like? Well, it’s free. Ok what else? It’s free. And…? It’s free. Newsletter free tools for your event should be a no brainer. Email all your Likers in one go. If you use MailChimp there is also an app that integrates quite well. It’s up to your budget.

Update: No longer exists

10. LiveStream

Livestreaming events is as hot as Quora right now. Streaming your event on its Facebook Page ticks all the boxes to make you a social media savvy event professional. Getting more attendees to watch online and possibly attend next year is the way to go and Livestream is a great app to achieve that.

Check out LiveStream

OK, now your turn. What are your favourites? I am sure there are more and this is why I have a comment form below. Use it!

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