20 Examples of Exciting Event Agency Websites

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Event agency websites should be exciting and vibrant and show off some of the fantastic projects they have created. Here are 20 great examples to inspire you.

In order to keep up with the fast-paced event industry, event agencies need to increase their online presence and the way they market themselves online through their website. It is no longer good enough to just write what your company stands for, potential clients and attendees are impatient and want to get a taste of this straight away.

Event agencies need to show that they are up-to-date on trends and technology and prove there are the best in their field or niche. Whether they cater to a specific event set or offer wide-ranging services, a killer website is essential to show off and prove what they are made of.

Defining an Exciting Event Agency

So what exactly makes an event agency website exciting? We have been looking into the best websites around and we have decided that to be exciting it has to:

– Pop and catch the eye to make it stand out from the other tabs or pages we have open (and make us think, wow!).

– Have a lot of features or information whilst being easy to navigate – we want to learn as much as we can without getting lost or not being able to find what we want.

– It has to encompass the brand itself (don’t say you are innovative with Arial font please!).

With this criteria in mind we set to work and found a round-up of some of the very best of the bunch in terms of exciting event agency websites.

  1. Penguins


This bold, bubbly site gives off good vibes from the outset and with bright pink backgrounds and writing it has a fun feel. The bold logo on the landing page emphasizes the brand straight away and offers an introduction video to some of their work. As an agency that specializes and focuses on live events and engaging audiences it has options to meet the team you could be collaborating with along with the easy to read bios of everyone involved.

With client testimonials and a full run down on the Who, What and How of the company you’ll learn everything you need to know about this agency, straight away.

  1. The Halo Group


Focusing on experiential tours, festivals, awards ceremonies and other large events this agency clearly has big tricks up its sleeve. With an awesome web design which is fun and user friendly you have access to the creative blog, their ongoing projects and you are able to meet their team for a personalized touch to the site. One of the best parts about the site that makes it exciting is the edge and bold transitions to site pages as well as the darkened video snippets from previously organized events.

  1. Story


From the landing page you can tell that this London based event agency is a creative and quirky one, which is good because that is exactly how they describe themselves. Deciding to describe their previous work and projects as “stories” and highlighting the uniqueness of their previous case studies and individual events, means that they are focused on the details (which is what you want from an event planner isn’t it?)

They have a pretty stunning Instagram Account to boot and it showcases some of the best parts of their events and the team behind them

(Psst: also they are currently hiring interns too!)

  1. Fresh


Fresh is clearly an event agency that wants to interact with their users with their highly interactive website and the bold, interesting graphics on their homepage. They have worked with big brands and names such as Homebase, M&S, Santander and Hyandai which are proudly displayed on their scrolling screen. You can also easily browse plenty of example pictures from previous events (“case studies”) which may even give you some inspiration of your own.

  1. Rapier Group


This global agency specializes in exhibitions, trade shows and conferences worldwide. They have worked with the likes of Skoda, Nestle and Renault and have a sparkling reputation. Their website proudly displays stunning slideshows from previous events. The large graphics and multi-color contrasts draw the eye and then they back it up with examples of their work. One item we found particularly interesting was the examples of interactive digital media that they can provide at events that allow attendees to play games which is a great ice breaker idea to help event networking!

  1. Banks Sadler


With video images as soon as you visit the homepage you can see the types of events and vibes this agency is dealing with and having catered to over 500 events and 16,000 meetings globally they clearly have plenty of experience. The site is classy and easy to navigate with light splashes of color to make a point where they want too. The site menu immediately has a range of categories such as; event travel, technology and production as well as management and venue solutions, proving it can solve a wide variety of event related problems under one agency. Their up to date blog also covers a range of brand related topics that are specific to their services and niche making them extra valuable from the moment you click to their page.

  1. TRO


This easy to navigate site is anything but boring with plenty of content and eye-catching headings and images. TRO has an impressive client list of big brands including; Lipton, Nissan, Volvo and Pink Lady. Specifically specializing in exhibitions, conferences, live events and staff training, large events are their specialty.

  1. George P. Johnson


Specializing in experiential event marketing and helping to organize memorable experiences and interactive marketing to attendees its website has a lot to live up to. Luckily it delivers with the bold, catchy titles and introduction videos and since they have 30 offices around the world they have a lot of examples of their work. They have worked with brands including; Nissan, IBM, Cleveland Cavaliers, Jeep, Tesla and Charles Schwab so you know they are used to dealing with tall orders.

  1. WRG


With a catchy intro on their landing page with a slideshow you can’t help but get drawn in to the WRG experience which is perfect as they specialize in live event experiences (and you can see why). Past that you are taken to a simplistic design and navigation that just works. The most impressive part of the site however, is their unique “our work” page  that gives you the option to pick previous projects according to event sector e.g. technology, engineering or financial to see associated projects they are currently working on or that they have completed.

Clicking through to each of these projects allows you to see stills and video from the event and some catchy information for their case studies. Overall it is an interesting and in depth website that may even give you some inspiration or ideas looking at the previous events that WRG have developed.

  1. Jack Morton


Hailed as the number 1 UK agency of 2016, they have arranged ceremonies relating to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and the FIFA World Cup and showcase candid photos from behind the scenes as well as front of house. Although the scheme at first seems quite simplistic, it is in fact interactive and changes color as you view it which brings a different sense of perspective as you are browsing the site.

  1. Vista


Although it describes itself as an all-encompassing communications agency, Vista manages events, finds venues and also helps with brand communications and strategy as well as offering to help with the business approach. Having worked with brands including BMW, Harrods and Lloyds Banking Group they are well equipped to deal with all manner of events. With a striking blog with large images they provide information and value from the outset.

Their website is incredibly visual and easy to navigate, which is a good sign for a communications agency and the menu shows their latest press releases, blog and all about their culture and work which claims to be a “people business”

  1. Chillisauce


You can tell this is a unique and quirky company from the outset and offers value straight away with clickable inspiration and “popular event ideas” that take you to specialised mini-sites for specificity. Unusually, Chillisauce caters to both stag/hen events as well as corporate events which definitely promises a whole lot of fun. They boast a client list including Deloitte & Touch, Coca Cola, Cadbury and Google (among others) and the showcase photos make you wish you were there! Although they are based in London, they cater to the UK, Europe and the USA and seem to be top of the list for “alternative” business event planning.

  1. TBA


This attractive site proves that the well-established, 30 year old TBA agency is innovative and keeping up with modern trends. They have celebrities and well-known brands on their home pages, showcasing previous projects in as few words as possible by allowing the pictures to do the talking. From hospitality at the Silverstone 2014 GP to the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Launch there is an array of snapshots and case studies to be in awe over and they use all facets of media including video and images around the site as well.

  1. The Events Company


This agency does what it says on the tin and is an events company that aims to give you the best event possible. There are video captures of previous case studies to make you see what you are missing as well as social media updates and bold colors to draw your attention across the screen. What most stands out and makes it unique from the rest of the list is in fact an interactive chat window pops up to help you get the answers you need straight away. With brands such as; BMW, BP, Mini and Lloyds bank, The Events Company are clearly good at solving problems and delivering.

  1. Grass Roots Group


You can tell that this event agency is different as soon as you land on their homepage with the personal “handwriting” font types, cartoon drawings and simplistic themes. Although these may sound amateur it gives a personal touch to the site and is in keeping with the brand’s ethos. They specialise in promotions, vouchers and incentives as well as meeting and event planning and have worked with clients such as; Vodafone, Microsoft, Ford and Heineken.

  1. cievents


The vibe that you get straight away from this website is that this agency is clearly global and can definitely handle larger projects. Catering to Australia, Canada, the U.S, UK, Hong Kong and South Africa each country has a clickable section from the home page that takes you to country specific advice, case studies and info on their previous work and what they can do for you. Bold, statement photos and snapshot slideshows back this up.

  1. Smyle


With a bold video introduction that immediately captures the eye and makes you want to read further, Smyle deliver from the beginning and manage to hold your attention when browsing. They operate worldwide and specialize in live events and creating digital experiences such as the X Factor final party held in Wembley and a host of other high profile events. There is an array of example photos of clients and event inspiration which you can look at but what really stands out is their “about us” page.

The emphasis on their business culture is slightly reminiscent of Google’s famous ethos that culture is “created by their team”, and with this in mind they host social perks, lunch cook offs’, town meetings and social events for staff to improve team building and culture (and in case you’re wondering they are also currently hiring too!).

  1. BCD


With a strong focus on meetings and events there is a variety of different information and places to go on this website making it really good for reader value and inspiration. There are beautiful, bold pictures on the site to inspire you, set the tone of the brand and also as an example to what has already been achieved. The awards they have won are also showcased on the homepage to provide proof that they are good at what they do.  

  1. Touch Associates


With clients such as Spar, Mercedes-Benz, GCM Resources and Allergan proudly on display, this agency has worked with some big names on some huge events. With stunning imagery and website layout it is an experience in itself just navigating the site and each of the galleries contain fantastic images of their work and ethos as well as behind the scenes examples. The cute penguin on the homepage draws you in and makes you want to read on and understand them, plus who doesn’t love cute animal pictures?

  1. Worldspan


Having delivered to 80 countries and served over 4,000 events worldwide this year, Worldspan are true to their name. Their tiled layout and colorful images take you exactly where you want to go with easy navigation while sparking your interest to find out more. Their up to date blog “News and Views” can also give you event inspiration on current trends, interesting articles and their own processes to give you some insider info!

In Conclusion

Ultimately, only you can decide what makes an exciting event agency website but hopefully after you’ve seen this examples you will agree there are some truly stunning ones on this list. Whether you are looking for event inspiration, new ideas, an actual event agency or just a reason to click away your lunch break, there is something in this list for everyone!