Facebook Introduces Events Suggestions

Facebook is taking events seriously.

They recently refurbished event pages introducing new interesting features for event planners.

News is that they introduced a new feature called Suggested Events.

How does it Work?

The wonders of the open graph are fuelling what looks to be a great opportunity for event marketers.

Early reports confirm that users will be able to get suggestions on the basis of:

– Events attended by friends
– The music listened through Facebook applications
– Venues you’ve checked into in the past

Check in What?

I am very happy when I can write the following words: I told you so!

From my last post on the Events Pages update:

The map is a juicy addition and it is very intriguing to speculate on how it could potentially integrate with CHECK-INS.

I’m thinking about becoming a fortune teller.

How to Capitalize on Suggested Events

I would suggest to invite your attendees to check-in with Facebook at your event. When I say invite, I mean do everything you can to get them to check-in.

Think about specials, deals, or better, treat them as VIPs.

Facebook is super-focussed on location. This is confirmed by their recent acquisition of Gowalla.

As the aforementioned Techcrunch article suggests:

By promoting offline interaction, Suggested Events should quiet critics who say Facebook weakens real human relationships and leads people to sit at home. It has huge potential to generate good will for Facebook and make the service seem even more indispensable.

Therefore think location, location, location and you’ll tap into the power of Facebook referrals.

Sounds like a plan!