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Do Your Events Suffer From ‘Zombiosis?’

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You could be making some scary mistakes at your events by turning these potentially amazing, informational, unforgettable experiences into frighteningly dreary occurrences filled with zombified attendees, drifting from room-to-room uninspired and stricken with post-apocalyptic ambivalence.


Groooaaannnnnn. Are you ready to rid your attendees of these demonic doldrums? Don’t worry, we have some eerily effective tactics for helping you avoid this dreaded ‘zombiosis’.

Here are a few, easily digestible tips on how to keep your attendees spellbound, on the edge of their seats and engaged for your entire event. It’s time to say R.I.P. forever to those shuffling, stupefied hoards who glare at your speakers with blank stares on their faces and a dead look in their eyes.

Feed Your Attendees

You hear the blood curdling moans, see the vacant expressions. Yes, it’s true. Your attendees are…hungry! And thirsty! Give them something good to devour by scheduling regular meal breaks, and always keep cauldrons of coffee and snacks available inside your meeting space.

Make it easy for your attendees to nosh. With a food in their stomachs and caffeine in their veins, your crowd will suddenly come back to life.

Feed Your Attendees’…BRAINS!

In zombie lore, it is a well-known fact that the only thing that can stop these relentless creatures is a blow to the head. Take a similar approach at your events and fill your attendees’ brains with mind-blowing, valuable content before, during and after the event. Give them content they will want to share with colleagues and contacts.

This can be anything from unconventional speaker presentations, thought-leader materials like eBooks to short, bite-sized videos. Chomp! They’ll eat it up with hair-raising eagerness.

Engage them with Mobile App Wizardry

It’s a familiar sight, your presentation has started and a sea of attendees are slumped down in their chairs, a conference of corpses – heads facing the floor. A unsettling sight to behold, for sure. You peer over at them, are they?… gulp, oh, phew!

They’re mindlessly pawing at their smart phones. Still, not an ideal situation, unless they’re looking at your mobile app, complete with enchanting speaker bios, personal schedule makers, push notifications, maps of the meeting venue and much more. Make mobile a priority at your events and use your app to help your attendees snap out of their zombified state.

Exorcise Earthly Awareness

The fact is, anything can transform your attendees from animated guests into uncaring, shadowy shapes. Don’t let unforeseen issues plague your events. Keep moving, be on your toes and always stay a step-ahead of creeping boredom by building contingency plans well in advance and reacting to unfavorable conditions and circumstances with the stealth and cunning of an expert zombie fighter. Planning for the worst by building your own “survival guide” will keep you ahead of the masses.

We hope this guide can help you cure those poor souls afflicted with “zombiosis” and make your events as exciting and spirited as possible.

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