Events Marketing: Maximizing Facebook’s Market Share

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Online routines are a way of life these days. They’re as integrated into our existence as our morning cup of coffee. A typical web routine involves 7 regular sites that users visit religiously.  At least one of these is sure to be a social network page.

Keeping more than 900 million users connected, Facebook has the social media market all sewn up. Plus, when it comes to events, Facebook has a higher value per user share than any competitor.

amiando’s  Social Media & Events Report shows that Facebook is also the primary social network for event organizers looking to sell. It all adds up to a cut and dried case for choosing Facebook as your number one event marketing channel.

Event Organizers and the Social Web: Users by Channel

Source: amiando Social Media & Events Report 2011

The data’s hardly surprising when you think about it. Facebook is the place where people are most likely to be connected with friends, loved ones and their own social circle. Since events are a social experience, it follows that Facebook is the ideal promotion platform.

amiando’s white paper Successful Facebook Marketing For Events shows you in detail:

  • How Facebook can maximize your event’s publicity
  • Why if you’re not marketing on Facebook you’re missing out
  • Future marketing challenges and opportunities and what they mean for you

Marketing Your Event: Making the Most of the Facebook

To harness the power of Facebook here are some best practice tips:

Facebook Fan Pages and Events

  • Build your network – actively seek new connections to promote popularity
  • Be eye-catching – use a recognizable image and slogan
  • Keep it fresh – update regularly with relevant content
  • Get viral – encourage attendees to RSVP to your event and to comment and share. This appears in their friends’ newsfeeds and builds your marketing momentum.

Facebook Social Ticketing

  • Engage audiences with compelling visual content.
  • Be pro-active with plenty of relevant event updates
  • Sell tickets directly on Facebook so that users can buy without leaving the page
  • Get the word out on your newsfeed that tickets are on sale via Facebook

Multi-Channel Marketing:  New Opportunities, New Challenges

Mobile Ads: 65 million people now use a mobile device to access Facebook – so mobile ads are becoming a must for event sales. Bring them into the mix to catch users on the go.

Check into an Event: Facebook is innovating its features day on day. Now, people can check into any event (not just official locations) using their cellphone. That means they’re promoting your event while it’s happening for real-time marketing impact.

The Loyalty Factor: Facebook’s two-way communication lets you build close and lasting relationships with customers. Think about a loyalty program, rewarding fans for regular engagement. For instance, you could offer them Facebook credits or entry into a prize draw.

Our appetite for social media is growing every day, so make sure you download amiando’s full white paper to stay on top of the Facebook marketing game.