Do We Need An #Eventprofs TV Channel?

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What we surely need is media generated by event professionals.

Kevin Van Der Straeten is the founder of A TV dedicated to event professionals. Here is why we need to support it.

event planning tv

Kevin launched as a spin off of his popular website in Belgium and The Netherlands.

He interviews event planning celebrities about current issues in the industry. They share advice and tips, for free.

He already shot a few very interesting videos (in Dutch).

He has a plan. He wants to make it bigger, better and in English.

Do We Need a TV Channel for Events?


Independent media productions need our support. Whether they are a blog, a Webinar series or a book.

Why? Because independent productions are out of the usual influence circles. They provide unbiased information and compete against each other to deliver real value.

This create a virtuous cycle that eventually forces also traditional media to offer free content. That is amazing disruption for an industry.

I have seen that happening with this blog.

What I Want You to Consider

Kevin aims to deliver amazing content to us event professionals around the world in English.

In order to get there, he needs our support.

You can donate to the project on its crowdfunding page.

There are exciting sponsor opportunities for vendors who want to be more involved.