EventMB and ibtm events Join Forces To Forward Innovation in Events

How do you sound ‘non press-releasey’ when there is so much to announce? Tough challenge.

Still as the editor of the blog I need to share the excitement we have at EventMB for working with ibtm events. The objective is to make innovation the protagonist of the future of events. In practice, it means that one of the biggest shows for event professionals believes that you, dear reader, are the future of the industry. We could not be happier.

Starting with ibtm world in Barcelona, EventMB is going to be associated with fantastic initiatives both online and offline with the objective of innovating and inspiring eventprofs.

Let’s have a look.

ibtm world Technology & Innovation Watch Award with EventMB

Tech Watch has been a cornerstone of innovation in the event industry for years. This is why this year EventMB officially supports Tech Watch as the award for innovation in the event industry.

We are working with the head of the jury, the father of #eventtech, Corbin Ball, to share our learnings from Event Technology of The Year, our own award, which is going on a hiatus. We know Tech Watch has the reach and the platform to be the go-to award for innovation in the event industry.

One of the demands for event technology platforms entering the award will be to show real life case studies on how the technology impacted an event. Because this is what is all about.

Action -> If you are an event tech provider, you need to enter Tech Watch now.

Innovation Zone

The 10 finalists of Tech Watch will get a chance to display their tech at the Innovation Zone, a special area within the show, this year created and curated by your beloved EventMB.

Now this is where it gets interesting. If you are an event planner, I invite you to register as a hosted buyer immediately (add code EventMB16). Being hosted buyer means being flown to Barcelona to access all the education and appointments with exhibitors that ibtm world has to offer. Find out more here.

The Innovation Zone will host dozens of sessions about innovation that EventMB will manage. You will be able to experience live the goodness you get on a daily basis on EventMB. We will challenge you with very intriguing sessions. My team is flexing their muscles to bring you the best of the best.

Action -> Sign up as a hosted buyer. Add the code EventMB16 into the further information field when applying.


I am not going to spoil the surprise here, but our annual trend piece this year is going ballistic. On top of that, we will announce the report at ibtm world where we will present the trends for 2017 during featured sessions.

This will not be a dose of slide incontinence, it will be one of the few opportunities to get insider knowledge about what will define our industry next year.

If you attend as a hosted buyer (add code EventMB16), you will get prime access to exclusive content.

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In Conclusion

We can’t wait for this partnership to start. We are excited to meet you in Barcelona. Whether you will be a hosted buyer, a supplier or a visitor, EventMB is looking forward to sharing this great experience with you!