Why #eventprofs Should Start Using Eventifier Now

I just spotted a great little tool called Eventifier. I believe you should give it a go.

It doesn’t happen very often that I look at an event tech start up and think: “This makes total sense”.
Sometimes I am completely wrong, some other times I tend to nail it.

I was just tweeting happily last week when I bumped into a tool called Eventifier. I thought to let you know about it.

I covered in the past how to collect event materials like a pro. Eventifier is an interesting service to keep track of what’s being said and shared about your event.

What Is It?

Eventifier is a free tool that lets you archive conversation and media happening around an event.

Archive is possibly the worst word you could use for such a service. In fact .

It features a cool interface for the user to skim through videos, photos, tweets and slides. Which is quite awesome.

You can see the ISES Eventworld example:

How Does It Work?

It’s fairly straightforward. Eventifier scrapes the web for the event hashtag (I told you using hashtags is important!).

I reached out to them and they explained that the service covers:

…Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Speakerdeck, Slideshare etc, hence we get all the Photos, Videos, Slides and Conversations going on around the event.

Very well done.

How Is This Different from Other Services?

While services like Storify require one persone to curate the media of an event, Evntifier is a more automated way to organize conversations and media.

That is also different from services like Lanyrd where discovery and networking seem to be priorities.

Very interesting is also the categorization of contributors that highlights the most influential tweeters at your event. Helpful for your online PR efforts.

In Conclusion

Eventifier has been built by geeks who attend events. This is usually synonym of great ideas. They are also looking for feedback from eventprofs so fill in their survey, it will help making the product better.

I have great expectations about this service so hopefully they won’t let us down and remember they need to be a sound business on top of being just a great idea.

In the meanwhile, get your event there now, it’s free!