Eventbrite Launches Passbook Integration

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I told you there were rumours spreading of Eventbrite announcing Passbook integration. Rumours have materialised as the California based company just announced they will be integrating in the next few days.

In an announcement they stated that:

“Eventbrite […] will make all tickets to events on its platform available in Passbook on iOS 6 operating system. This integration is expected to be available by late September.

The benefits for attendees will be substantial. Having all your tickets in one place and with you at all times seems like a big gain.

Alas organizers can happily rely on the time savings of having electronic check-ins.

Mobile Awesomeness

This move is pretty in line with the latest product announcements such At The Door.

“Eventbrite has always had a strong focus on mobile innovation – from transforming smartphones into barcode scanners to turning the iPad into a mobile box office – and aims to make sure tickets are available to users when and where they need them,” said Julie Thompson, vice president of product at Eventbrite.

“Our integration with Passbook brings tickets for the unique and wide array of classes, events, festivals and concerts hosted on Eventbrite to iPhone and iPad users looking to keep all their tickets, loyalty cards and coupons in one place.”

Passbook tickets will integrate with Eventbrite’s At The Door service, making it easy for those using iPads to sell tickets at the venue.

If Passbook will gain the traction all industry commenters wish for, this will be a great revolution in the way we experience event registration.

Once again Eventbrite has done its bit to bring you the latest technology available to offer your attendees a seamless ticketing experience.