Eventbrite: More than 1M Customers Checked in on Mobile App

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Eventbrite just released an infographic outlining the most significant (and fun) stats of 2011.

There are a lot of interesting figures for the event industry.

Online event registration is changing the way we attend events and Eventbrite is leading the way.

Mobile Check-ins on the Rise

The most interesting figure on the report is the number of check-ins done through the Entry Manager app – a staggering 1,193,756!

This really gives you an idea of what is becoming important for our attendees.

Registration needs to be fast and smartphones are becoming a prime identification tool.

20 Million Ticket Sold

Yes, you read it right. More than 20M tickets were sold through Eventbrite.

This number is humongous.

Almost 500K events were published and $39M were raised for charity.

I must say I am am impressed by the latter.

Read more about UK sales figures and number of bacon related events here.

New York and London Lead the Way

NYC and London are the most social, techie and eventful cities.

San Francisco also raks very well.

Read more here.

In Conclusion

There are some staggering stats in this infographic that tell a story for the whole industry.

Bearing in mind we are looking at a less than 6 years old startup with less than 200 employees, these results are even more amazing.

Keep up with the good work!