Eventbrite Sold $1 Billion in Tickets

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Eventbrite just announced they hit the $1billion in tickets sold mark.

This is surely great for the company that was started only 6 years ago but it is fantastic news for event startups.

The News

It was just released on Eventbrite’s blog with some interesting stats:

To put this into perspective, it took Bill Gates 24 years to make his first billion, it took Donald Trump 26 years, but you (editor’s note: ticket buyers) got it done in just 6!

It is a staggering achievement indeed in the event startup ecosystem. While in fact we are used to hear such figures in general tech, this is not usual at all in events.

Amazing Growth

“When you look at gross ticket sales on Eventbrite, you see very exciting exponential growth,” explains CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Hartz. “In January of 2009, we were at $100 million.

In December of 2010, we were at $400 million. Now, in the middle of 2012, with several international launches under our belt, and the At The Door mobile box office in the field, we’re celebrating $1 billion in our users’ success.”

It All Started With a Simple Idea

The idea at the very beginning was simple and in fact has been vastly imitated.

“We are always excited to watch the gross ticket sales figures, because really those numbers measure the achievements of our customers,” explains President and Co-Founder Julia Hartz. “When Kevin and I founded Eventbrite with our CTO Renaud Visage, we focused on making payments easy to collect for anyone hosting an event. We believe in the importance of offline gatherings, and we’re thrilled to help bring communities of people together who share an interest or passion.”

Eventbrite has had the courage to augment their product offering introducing apps and lately their innovative At The Door System.

Innovating the online registration scene has proven to be the successful weapon.

To celebrate this great achievement, the company put together a nice video, here it is: