Facebook Updates Events: What You Need to Know

Whenever Facebook introduces changes to its platform the resulting noise from coverage just leaves us a bit unclear on the true impact. This posts sums up the major changes and the implications for event lovers.

Last week, Facebook implemented a small redesign of their event page. What is small for our beloved social monster, could be massive for million of event organizers.

I decided to have a deeper look at the changes Facebook implemented, analyzing the impact on those who rely on FB Events on a daily basis.

The Changes, Visually Represented

Image via TechCrunch and Bob Baldwin.

Clearer Information, Stronger Marketing Potential

What I liked about the redesign it’s the emphasis on the title of the event and Map integration. Believe it or not, this information is often missing from event websites.

The map is a juicy addition and it is very intriguing to speculate on how it could potentially integrate with Check-ins.

If you focus on the bottom left hand side of the above image, you’ll notice that the Feed Story (the update that is sent to a user stream, when they RSVP to an Event) now features the time and location of the event. This is crucial information to share and becomes a fantastic marketing opportunity for planners. Facebook is giving away more details about your event that can have an impact on the decision making of the attendees’ peers.

Call to Action and More Sharing Features

Possibly the most significant change for attendees is a subtle one. If you look at the call to action, you’ll notice a very sneaky “Join” in blue as opposed to the Maybe and Decline buttons in a sad gray. This obviously keeps the momentum high and although very subtle it can make a subconscious difference in evaluating what RSVP to give.

The other recognizable change was hiding those not attending the event. In true Facebook style that was a bit on the creepy side. Exposing individual decisions not to attend could be somewhat daunting. Therefore it is a definitely welcome change.

What is the Impact on You?

It depends on what you do.

If you are an amateur planner, an event lover, someone that plans events for passion, the change is going to have a significant impact on the way you use Facebook to promote and manage events.

If you work with events marketing, I believe the best use of the social network for your event is to have a Facebook Page. I don’t believe FB Events are made for large events and I can believe you can achieve more by relying on Pages. Here is some inspiration.