[Event Technology] Pathable


Name: Pathable

Twitter: @pathable

Category: Networking

Description: Pathable allows organizers (which is you) to set up a community for their event. It enables networking with a powerful tagging system.

Your attendees are able to identify their interests and match them with others.

Networking begins before the event. To us this is one of the strongest contribution technology deliver to events. Networking is indeed one of the top reasons to attend events. Therefore you can do the math.

What I like: You can print out special badges carrying on your name as well as those of the people you should meet. The platform works out matching profiles, breaking ice in a powerful fashion.

What could be better: Stronger integration with LinkedIn and Facebook. We don’t want to fill in a new profile given the amount of time we spent to generate our official ones. Help us with a one click import.

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