[Event Technology] Eventvue


Twitter: @eventvue

Category: Community

Description: Rob was kind enough to guide us through Eventvue and we must say we were impressed. The immediate comment is: “Wow, this is very easy to use”. We talked before on how we don’t want to be stressed about filling up long sign up forms when joining an event community.

Eventvue has a powerful answer to that. They integrate with popular registration services and send you and invite to join the community immediately after you registered for the event. Signing up for the community couldn’t be easier. The system scrapes twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and the like, suggesting links you should add to your profile.

Within your community, you’ll be able to easily track twitter stream, flickr pictures, Youtube videos.

What we liked: On of the best twitter integration so far. They set up a twitter account for the event which collects all discussions. Cool!

What could be better: We love integration. What we like even more is additional integration. Having Ustream integration, would be an interesting start.

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