Event Tech Circus Winner and Wrap Up

Last week Event Tech Circus took place in Amsterdam. The conference was a great success and one bold startup won the 1st prize!

The Startups attending Event Tech Circus

The Startups attending Event Tech Circus

Upon starting my presentation at Event Tech Circus I asked how many people in the room knew Event Manager Blog. 98% of the audience raised their hand. I immediately knew this was going to be a super cool event.

The audience that gathered in Amsterdam was by far the most tech educated I’ve seen in Europe. The level of engagement at Event Tech Circus was just incredible.

The event was a mix of pure startup energy and event professionalism.

Such great rooms are very tough to find in general conferences. Yes, attendance was not in the hundreds, but I saw no disappointment in any of the attendees.

Event Startups Are on Fire

The most promising sign that Event Tech Circus gave to the industry was the calibre of the startups attending.

They all engaged in a 1 minute pitch (I also pitched for our themes – which was quite an experience). You can see them all here, thanks to the great summary of

All the organizers in the room voted for the best startup behind closed doors.

Conferize won the 1st prize – you can see their product in action here.

Preseria, a simple slide solution, and Event Manager Shop obtained a honorable mention.

Besides the prizes, I could spend hours talking about the value of the startups attending.

I could talk about how Meetology is making waves in the meeting industry or how EliteMeetings seriously helps making a better venue decision. I could mention how Meethub is a top solution for event networking or how showmappr introduced attendee mapping via a super smart check-in and floor mapping solution. I would be then forced to talk about my Speakerscore and how by just swiping my badge I sent this picture to Twitter via RealLifeConnect.

Without even mentioning how easy to use Peecho was to print out event materials (or The Event App Bible) or how I easily shared my data via my cool looking Poken .

All of the above I could have not experienced without the constant aid of twoppy, giving me updates about upcoming sessions and attendees.

In Conclusion

I must give my kudos to William Thomson for making the wise decision of using for the event only the technology of the startups attending. This choice was a winner. His experience and tech friendliness helped making the event a success.

Will there be another Event Tech Circus? Who knows. Probably in the U.S.? Maybe.

In the meantime, I am very excited about where event technology is heading. Good times ahead.