The Event Tech Bible. A New Chapter for Event Technology [Report + 1,001 tips]

Event technology has changed events forever. Whether it is attendee-facing or planning tech, events are extremely different from how they looked a few years ago. We are witnessing some of the biggest changes in an industry that is living a second life.

When everybody ran to pronounce events dead with the rise of social media in the late 2000s, few could imagine technology and social media could just reinforce the importance of events. Events have become the business model for many industries disrupted by technology. Think music, think retail, think publications. They all rely on events and events rely on technology to be as perfect, efficient and engaging as possible.

There is no excuse anymore to discount event technology. There is no time to have the ‘technology is just a tool’ talk. Of course, technology is a tool to achieve the event objectives. It is actually one the most important weapons you have in your event planning toolkit. As important as venue selection or performer sourcing. No difference there.

The Event Tech Bible is the essential point of reference for modern event professionals who want to use technology strategically to achieve event objectives.


Unprecedented Attention

Everybody is talking about eventtech these days. We have witnessed declining pundits and magazines that nobody reads anymore, reinventing themselves talking about tech. The amount of dollars spent to influence you to buy technology is unprecedented. The amount of dollars spent to fund eventtech startups has never been seen before. The amount of superficiality is equally conspicuous.

The Event Tech Bible aims to give you clarity. It is by no means a short read and honestly, we don’t care. You cannot discount such a big change in a few pages or on some slides. If you are busy busy, still take the time to read it because your business needs it. We summed up over 10 years of experience talking about eventtech in over 100 pages. We challenge you to find anywhere else such depth and laser-focused concentration on your primary objective, delivering successful events.

An Answer to Common Problems

We have talked about eventtech to thousands of event professionals around the world and have worked with most event technology companies on the market. We have reviewed and analyzed hundreds of providers and carried the largest research in the event industry on the use of technology in events. We know what the problems with tech are because we listened.

Here are five of the most common problems with eventtech we identified:

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But more than that, we have finally created a strategic guide that does not forget about tactics. We know event professionals want strategy but they are practical people and they need to get down to business.

Strategy + Tactics

I personally wrote the complete framework to evaluate, implement and measure eventtech. It’s the opera omnia on how to be strategic with eventtech, action-oriented and without all of the frills. I’ve also tasked my team to come up with 1,001 tips to use eventtech at events. Yes, not a spelling mistake, 1,001.

Strategy without execution is an exercise in style, execution without strategy is dangerous. Bridging the gap between strategy and tactics is the purpose of the Event Tech Bible.

Who Is It For?

The Event Tech Bible is for any type of planner, at any level. While my experience is mostly with senior corporate planners who run large event teams, we kept the language jargon-free for freelancers, entrepreneurs (eventrepreneurs) and new planners joining the market. The problems we are solving are usually very similar, sometimes only the scale varies.

The objective is to reset your mind and approach eventtech in a new way.

Table of Contents

The Event Tech Bible is completely free to download. Here is a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside:

The New Era of Event Technology
5 Key Forces Driving Change in Event Technology
The 4 Waves of Event Technology
The Right Approach to Event Technology
The Vicious Cycle of Event Technology
Value-Based Decision-Making in Event Technology
Time to Innovate
Facing Resistance
Decision Time
How Did It Go? Measuring for Success
Bridging Strategy with Tactics: Your Event Technology Stack
1,001 Tips To Get More From Your Eventtech

In Conclusion

Whether you are a fan of EventMB or you just happened to land on this page, there is incredible value in the Event Tech Bible. We have crafted it with you in mind.

Go grab your copy and get your colleagues to grab one. They will thank you for that.