23 Event Startups to Watch This Spring

Everybody loves event technology. Event startups are popping up all over the place. Trade shows are featuring special sections with technology only. We are also getting a good dose of individuals that don’t even own a smartphone that call themselves experts – that should mean #eventtech is going mainstream.

Remember, remember that you heard the two words ‘event’ and ‘startups’ together here on EventMB first. We will always welcome those companies that are just launching and want to shine in front of a truly global audience.

We will also keep rejecting all press releases we get – and the number is growing 🙁 – and just show you the startups that deserve to be featured.

Your task is to share this article so they get the exposure they need to go mainstream. We have seen some of the startups we have featured here in the past grow into multi-million businesses. We know what we are talking about. So here it is, in no particular order, the list of the most interesting startups of this spring. Remember we don’t include registration or mobile app services as we cover them all in our dedicated reports.

If you are not listed and you are an event startup you can either submit or consider a review for your idea. As this is an opportunity for newcomers, if you’ve gained previous press, you won’t be listed.

1. Sharethebus

share the bus

While everybody talks about the sharing economy, these guys are walking the walk. Making transportation social is an amazing idea.

2. Reply


Email marketing is an essential part of event marketing. Reply has an amazing set of tools to convert your prospective customers into attendees. Amazing.

3. Virtual Speech


Virtual speech is something every speaker should use to rehearse scenarios. This is a VR platform to train speakers. If all VR is going to be this useful, we are onto something. Suggest it to your speakers.

4. SurveyAnyplace

Survey any place

We all agree that surveys at the end of events are boring as hell. This app makes surveys fun and engaging. A must try.

5. Presentation Timer

presentation timer

A speaker without a comfort screen is a lost soul. Help them with this easy to set up speaker timer.

6. eventpeeks


We love the design of this live display app. Neat and effective. The price is a bit steep but I would expect amazing service.

7. Meetinghand

meeting hand

365 degrees event management platform for middle range events. I loved the focus on project management.

8. Reach


A great way to discover events and business connections around you. Let’s hope they sort out the event discovery nightmare.

9. speakerhub

speaker hub

Searching for speakers is never an easy task. Adoption of the platform makes the difference. We hope speakerhub delivers on collecting them all.

10. Peeq


If you are not into throwable cubes, throwable balls may be an option.

11. Inkpact


Interesting idea to send handwritten notes to attendees. Very low/high tech solution, we #eventprofs love!

12. GroupMap

group map

An audience response system, specifically designed for brainstorming. One of those apps corporate eventprofs can’t do without.

13. stay22


We hope stay22 manages to crack accommodation recommendations. They search airbnb and hotels close to events. Also embeddable as a site widget.

14. Eventerprise


Marketplaces, oh marketplaces. We’ve seen several fail. Connecting buyers and sellers has a role in the event industry, we hope they make it happen.

15. Jobble


Staffing is one of the trends for this year. Let’s hope Jobble come up with tons of options for us.

16. Hoponn


Guest tracking and transport optimization are hot! Know exactly where they are and get them to your event safe and on time!

17. Event Caddy

event caddy

Do we need a software to manage golf tournaments? Of course we do. Helping a niche is a noble objective. We salute you Event Caddy.

18. eventcast


Interesting concept. They avoid most of the steps all software force you to do in regards to management and attendance. Great twist.

19. Invite the Media


We want media at events, this is a great way to streamline the process.

20. Yoomeebooth


Yoomeebooth is a photobooth on steroids. We particularly loved the GIF feature. Your social followers will thank you.

21. crowdsigns


Crowdsigns is an offline tech twist we dearly love. Social media themed props for more effective pics.

22. Duel


Duel is a very interesting concept to host photo competitions on your site, a very popular social tactic for many events.

23. Fieldbook


Fieldbook is a database app that thought about the event industry. You can easily import Eventbrite attendees to manage them more easily. Neat!

In Conclusion

These are some of the most innovative event startups that actually solve event planner’s problems. Unfiltered, without PR agencies to back them or influencers to promote them. Now go and let the world know about them, give it a share and make them happy.