Event Planning Tools Worth Exploring

This is because I try to keep a pristine blog that delivers quality content. The thousands of readers, followers, community members around this blog tell me I am going in the right direction. Thank you, guys!

The point I was trying to make though is that only a few succeed, but please do not get discouraged. As this post witnesses, your time will come. So keep sending me your tips.

The following 10 event planning tools are quite worth trying. Some of them are free, some others you have to pay for. Please do use comments/Twitter and let me know what you think about them.

Event Planning Tools

1. EventEspresso

I love the idea Seth put together. It is definitely a complete event management solution for those of you using WordPress as their event website. The basic licence is available for free and customization can be purchased at very affordable prices. A definite must check.

Check out EventEspresso

2. MeetingApps

Meeting Apps collects mobile applications for event planning. They put hell of a lot of work in organizing them so definitely worth having a look. A whole website dedicated to event planning tools may seem a bit much to some of us but the way the apps are categorized makes sense to me.

Check out MeetingApps

3. EventAlpha

Event Alpha is yet another event registration, management and website development tool. They seem to have quite a portfolio of clients using them and offer a free version of the tool. In a crowded environment it is very tough to differentiate. I’d be interested to know what your experience is with the tool.

Update: Site no longer exists

4. Tom’s Planner

I’ve been meaning to write about the cleverly named Tom’s Planner for quite a while now. It is a neat project management online tool that creates Gantt charts. The whole user experience is somewhat more rewarding than MS Projects and you can export easily, if the case. There is a free version to play with, so go for it.

Check out Tom’s Planner

5. TuneTug

A simple idea with great potential. Vote your favourite song on the app and the DJ will play it next. Everyone who has been active on the party scene would agree this has been quite needed for a while. As always adoption is the key to success, we’ll keep an eye on these guys and see how they do.

Update: Site no longer exists

6. Paam

Paam helps with the recruitment and management of staff and volunteers for your event. They end up being an event management platform with payments and so forth, but the recruitment angle is definitely original and worth the mention.

Check out Paam

7. ConferenceHound

Conferencehound is a great discovery engine for conferences. It has nothing to envy to Lanyrd or Plancast. Actually, as a reader pointed out, it is more complete and features also non-tech events (please be patient with me, I love tech events).

Check out ConferenceHound

8. Powernoodle

Powernoodle was quite engaging in the way they contacted me. The tool in fact seems quite fun. Powernoodle promises to make the brainstorming and planning stages enjoyable. It also looks at making task assignment and management easier. It has a free 30 days trial, after that it looks like a bit pricey. Time to check your budget.

Check out Powernoodle

9. Moreconference

Moreconference is a backnetworking tool for your event. Are backnetworks a good idea? Not to be discussed here. Moreconference has a fully functional demo to decide whether your event and attendees need it.

Check out Moreconference

10. Event2Mobile

In fairness, Event2Mobile did not contact me. We followed each other on Twitter and I was genuinely interested in what they have to offer. Mobile is very hot right now. Event2Mobile seems to help in making your event content more mobile by rendering items such as brochures or programmes. They cover all the major platforms, definitely a plus. They are talking about ‘getting a quote’ therefore big money could be involved. Call the finance guys and ask whether it fits your budget.

Check out Event2Mobile

Got more event planning tools, services or products? Let me know by using the contact form.

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