20 Crazy Cool Event Performers I Found on Twitter

This article is a collection of the quirkiest event acts on Twitter. Great for your corporate event, wedding or conference social programme.

Entertainers for events

I should never write these posts. Whenever research involves looking at more than 10,000 Twitter handles I should simply give up.

This post was meant to go on the blog yesterday. Research took me so long that I had to postpone it.

At one stage I was about to give up, but I decided to keep going. Why? Because there is a handful of followers of my personal and Event Manager Blog‘s Twitter handle that never get any form of acknowledgement on this blog.

Some of them I’ve known for years.

Research Criteria

The basis of my research is pure bias. While with the Event App Bible I had to stay impartial, with these guys it’s personal taste.

Therefore my only criterion was to choose those who follow either the blog or moi, your editor in chief.

I decided to include the most unique acts, entertainers, magicians, mind readers, DJs and mood sensors 🙂

This article has the aim to entertain you (some of these guys do crazy things), inform you about new acts you did not know and credit their passion for events.

You may notice that a lot of them are based in the UK. That is unusual as the biggest chunk of you dear readers in in the U.S., nevertheless I felt it will be a very interesting read regardless of where you or they are. I’ve removed the numbering as they are in no particular order.


Murder Mystery Maniacs

Murder Mystery is a personal favourite. It is quite an immersive experience and the guys throwing these events put a lot of passion behind them. In these case they call themselves maniacs, which makes them stand out for the passion.

Bio: Murder Mystery Maniacs is a nationwide murder mystery company that offers events for corporations, private parties, and fundraisers for groups of 12-250 people.

Find Them on Twitter: @MurderMistery

Inner Social

I love this idea. It’s not a person but I decided to include it anyway. The attendees touch a biometric sensor that will tell how they feel. Then different moods are matched within the room to stimulate networking. Genius!

Bio: Touch the Moods sensor. Discover more about yourself. Connect with everyone. The best party starter at any event!

Find Them on Twitter: @Moods_Events


Not sure about you but I am a fan of a cappella. These guys use this singing technique to deliver modern songs. I’ve checked their video and they sound awesome.

Bio: Acapella with a twist, combining old school harmony with modern day beats. Consisting of 5 singers and a beatbox. Weddings, Performances & Events.

Find Them on Twitter: @AcafellasUK


There is wise naming power in this company. I know very few people that hate one of the above. The way they mix painting and wine tasting is new to me, therefore worth the mention.

Bio: Creative painting and wine experiences for team building, special occasions and parties.

Find Them on Twitter: @FunArtWine


There is a lot of style in the way this lady shapes meringues. It’s just so sad I am not in Auckland to try it.

Bio: Made to order handcrafted meringues for any fabulous occasion

Find Them on Twitter: @FabMeringues

Candy Queens

Defining yourself kitsch is quite a courageous statement. These ladies embody the most powerful side of being kitsch: they do not take themselves seriously and they seem to have a lot of fun.

Bio: We are kickass candy floss girls, DJs, extreme beauty boutique & general kitsch fun. Events, launches, experiential, parties, make yours go POP!

Find Them on Twitter: @CandyQueensHQ

Chocolate Delight

These guys offer chocolate tasting, including chocolate cruises. I mean, do I have to add anything?

Bio: Chocolate Delight is a unique company offering corporate and public chocolate experiences in the UK and Europe.

Find Them on Twitter: @makechocy

8. Wedding Fireworks

I have witnessed a lot of fires started by incompetent fireworks vendors. Specially at weddings. Having a niche provider like the guys below is a wise and stylish choice.

Bio: We devise and deliver beautiful effects for your beautiful day. Australian brides love wedding fireworks!

Find Them on Twitter: @WeddingFirework

Corporate Mind Reader

I love this guy. I seriously want to see this act in person, but he already knows it ;-). This is an evergreen that still amuses audiences.

Bio: I am a psychological Mind Reader and I entertain at corporate events.

Find him on Twitter: @CorporateEnts

The Goose Tour

If you are reading from Vancouver, you know these guys. The Goose Tour takes you through a sightseen with professional actors entertaining and educating guests about Vancouver’s landmarks.

Bio: Bust loose on the Goose! #YVRs most fun and interactive chartered tour. Charters avail. thru 2013.

Find Them on Twitter: @TheGooseTour

Gregg Tobo

Gregg is a long time acquaintance of the blog – he is really good about what he does.

Bio: I astonish people. Full-time professional magician. Blues harmonica hack. Greek philosophy aficionado.

Find him on Twitter: @greggtobo

Prince Majesty PMJ

I could watch MJ impersonators for hours. This is where my bias comes in.

Bio: Prince Majesty Jackson Michael Jackson Impersonator Original name: Karoly Darvai Title: Mr. Birthplace: Hungary Birthday: 03/06/1983

Find Him on Twitter: @PMJBlanket

Noland as Travolta

Ok if you don’t like MJ, here is Travolta. He brings you the best of Grease in his great act.

Bio: First call John Travolta look-alike, performing live shows all over California, Las Vegas, East Coast and around the world!

Find them on Twitter: @TravoltaLive

Glitter Tattoo

All that glitters is indeed cool. Henna is so passĂ© – glitter is the way forward.

Bio: Glitter Tattoo New York is painting the big apple in glitter! Fun, waterproof, long lasting. Party and event entertainment!

Find them on Twitter: @GlitterTattooNY

Vanity Van

Massages were pretty much in every conference or exhibition I’ve visited in the last few years. What about getting make up, hair and massage? The ladies will agree this idea is way too cool.

Bio: The UK’s leading event mobile hair, beauty & massage service. Celeb stylists perfect for corporate hospitality or as a unique idea for event/party entertainment

Find them on Twitter: @VanityVan

Reckless Invention

I love street acts. The atmosphere that street performers are able to recreate hardly matches any other entertainment act. These guys bring that flavour to your event, which is awesome.

Bio: Reckless Invention is a street theatre company that animates public spaces. We produce interactive performances that engage with audiences.

Find them on Twitter: @turbojonez

Hire a Santa

I am in love with Hire a Santa. They have a Santa School. Being a fan of the movie ‘Elf’ I could not leave them out.

Bio: BC’s Largest Santa Provider. Let us pair you with a Santa you love for any type of event you’re hosting. Also a proud host of BC’s first Santa School!

Find them on Twitter: @HireaSanta


This lady seems quite serious about what she does. The show looks edgy, cool and entertaining. Very sassy.

Bio: Official Dj of Fashion TV, Futuristic Fashion Dj. The most unique project, based on the edge of high-tech and fashion-industry.

Find them on Twitter: @djMISSFTV

BigBeat Teambuilding

The last thing you want in a team building session is a boring team building session. I love BigBeat’s take on team building. They use drums and music to get the best out of corporate clients.

Bio: Exciting and innovative #teambuilding, creative sessions, motivation and relaxation through drumming, music and rhythm to the #events and #corporate sector.

Find them on Twitter: @boomtubes

My First Trainers

On the same page like the guys above, this duo has put together a comedy show that is meant to educate about communication skills. Mixing fun and learning is always a powerful choice.

Bio: #Comedy #Corporate Show aimed at #Conferences & #Events. based on fundamentals of #CommunicationSkills & #SelfConfidence

Find them on Twitter: @MyFirstTrainers

In Conclusion

I know there are thousands of other acts you would have loved to see in this list. Maybe your act wasn’t listed.

Just come and say hi on Twitter if this is the case.

In the meanwhile, if you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with the world.

You’ll make these guys very proud of their brave choice to engage with the most noble art on the planet: entertain people.