17 Refreshing Event Bars and Drink Service Areas

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Quench attendee thirst with some of these amazing event bars that will have attendees talking in no time!

Regardless of whether you are serving alcohol or soft drinks, the bar can be a place for networking, socialising and breaking the ice (pun intended) so it is important to get it right. Opting for something a fun and different could be just what your event needs. Here are both mobile and static options to suit different event types, indoors and out, and various sizes so that you can work with limited spaces. Someone get the drinks in!


  1. Trailer Bar

This mobile bar can be hooked up and dropped off at the venue for a quick and easy bar choice that is stocked full of the favourites. This bar option is very summery with Pimms and Champagne on offer, plus the addition of the plant pots and small décor additions makes it look a lot more permanent than it is.

Credit: NSA Event Bars

  1. Barrel Bar

Use old barrels to your advantage and make your own bar in this set-up, which can be dismantled and moved anywhere, inside and out! It gives an old tavern vibe and is a low-cost solution if you can get hold of some empty barrels!

Credit: Cider By Post

  1. Tiki Bar

Give your attendees a sense of the exotic with this banana themed tiki bar pulled right off of a tropical island! The props, themes and fruity drinks are bound to add some fun to your event too!

Credit: Theme Traders

  1. Gold Mirrors

Hiring a bar for your event doesn’t have to be boring and you can give attendees a luxurious feel with something like this golden themed mirrored front. It can not only bring more light to a space and feel like the bar isn’t taking up too much space but the golden colour blends into the colour palette of the event themes.

Credit: Event Hire Services

  1. Half Tent

This cool idea gives you the best of both worlds for your event bar, it allows you to have an open outdoor vibe but the protection from the weather (which is just what you need for the annual UK Glastonbury festival).

Credit: Intent Productions

  1. Cocktail Emporium

Just because your bar is mobile, doesn’t mean you can’t also bring the entertainment too. This event bar has the capacity for entertainers or décor to be displayed and amuse attendees while they are also serving drinks below.

Credit: ArtBars

  1. Whiskey Bar

Sponsored bars such as this specialist whiskey bar are creative sponsorship opportunities as well as a way to provide specific drinks at minimal cost. The bar itself also has ample signage and marketing capabilities while also looking chic to fit into the event.

Credit: Sorokin Event Bars

  1. Mobile Mini Bar

If you are low on space or alternatively have a lot of ground to cover, one of these mobile mini bars would suit your event. Minimal setup and maximum mobility.

Credit: Caffe Lambro

  1. Circular Bar

This stylish portable bar is available for hire and allows for several staff to serve, even in a small space. It also helps to avoid queuing at an event and has options for branding and signage too which could be incorporated as a sponsorship opportunity.

Credit: Zipbar

  1. Self-Serve

Creating a drinks station or a make-it-yourself bar can be an excellent way for attendees to mix drinks just the way they like them. It could also be an excellent idea for soft drinks for the kids so they don’t have to queue with everyone else or for adult events you can challenge attendees to make the best cocktail to encourage event participation!

Credit: Boeuf & Bun

  1. Booths

For something small but effective try opting for a bar booth that takes up minimal space and can be placed anywhere within a venue. Booths are also a great way to have a small selection or show off free drink samples for product placements instead of a fully stocked bar. Plus you can custom sign it too for branding or sponsorship ideas!

Credit: The Next Event

  1. Marble Bar

Add effects to your rental bar to make it look like a permanent fixture at your event and the attendees won’t be able to tell the difference. This stunning marble bar is large and sophisticated, and the lights are a winning touch too!–LspE/

Credit: Event Artillery

  1. Camper Tap

A unique way of serving drinks is to have service on tap from a quirky vehicle! Simply add a table for glasses or perhaps a barman if you prefer! A neat way of supplying multiple drink options for your guests.

Credit: Kombi Keg UK

  1. Pallet Bar

If you are lacking in event budget, something like this would be perfect and definitely Pinterest worthy! This DIY pallet bar is a pop-up idea that can be placed anywhere, plus you can repaint it ready for the next event!

Credit: Tickled Pink Bartending

  1. Tapped Station

Provide attendees with their own jars at their place setting and let them refill with this custom made drinks station with funky taps! The wooden signs are a fun extra signage idea as well to give it a rustic chic feel!

Credit: Forks & Fingers Catering

  1. Vintage Caravan

This fun idea allows you to have a bit more bartending space by converting an old caravan and using the windows as serving areas. The fun part about this is that it is mobile but could remain static for recurring or long events and also comes with extra storage space for the games or extra equipment you might need for entertaining.

Credit: “Sweet Aggie” Vintage Caravan Bar & Cafe

  1. Corner Bar

If you are looking to best utilise space in a venue, particularly if you are indoors and it is limited, a corner bar can be the perfect solution that allows you to cater to your guests without being a key feature and too noticeable. This multi-level idea is also a fantastic way to store and serve in a smaller space!

Credit: Charismatic Creations

In Conclusion

Don’t skimp on the bar service area as it can be a great meeting point and photo opportunity. If you don’t have the budget, go niche or sponsored and if you do go for bartenders and eye catching stunts and theming. Ultimately pick what is best for your event and regardless of what you are serving, just remember to do it in style with these refreshing ideas for bars for your next event!