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Should you Embed Technology in Your Event?

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We are very pleased to launch the Event Manager Blog Channel.

Thanks to BrightTalk, we’ll host up to three 30-minutes webinars a month.

All the webinars are going to be .

How does it work?

1. Subscribe for free to the Event Manager Blog Channel (see also below).

2. You will be then be able to click on the Attend button.

3. Webinars will last for no more than 30 minutes. 20 Minutes will be dedicated to our feature presentation and 10 Minutes to your Questions. This is possibly the coolest feature of the platform. So be ready to ask tons of questions.

4. We will also learn about others thanks to interesting polls during the virtual event.

5. What happens if you miss it? You will be able to go back and listen to the recorded version, but you will unfortunately miss the chance to ask questions.

The first Webinar