Technology Out of Beta, Events Marketing Just Got Easier, a service that helps publishing your event to different social networks is out of beta. Here is what you need to know.

event-marketing-crowdfm is a platform that helps event professionals and marketers to publish their event to different social networks and event platforms from a unified dashboard.

Despite being an angel investor in a competitor, Eventasaurus, I am really fond of the work Tekin did with it.

At a first glance the service may look similar to other all-in-one social media marketing solutions for events.

Not quite.

What is it?

You set up an event on click on publish and you will create an entry for:

– Facebook Page
– Twitter
– Songkick
– Foursquare

OK, Eventful and Upcoming as well, but are these services still alive?

Why is it Cool?

Other than a clean platform and amazing ease of use, brings a lot to the world of event marketing dashboards.

I loved how you can publish your event to Foursquare and Spotify via Songkick. That is really smart tech-thinking.

I also enjoyed the analytical approach has to social. In fact their analytics suite tells you what social networks drove more engagement, traffic and sign ups.

Who is it For?

The Songkick integration make it a must for those planning concerts or festivals.

The focus is also on venues running multiple events through the year. In fact the diversity of social networks covered helps in reaching marketing efficiencies. has a roadmap to include more services such as LinkedIn, Meetup and Lanyrd. If these services are confirmed the platform will be a no brainer to the wider event professionals community.

In Conclusion is offering a credit card free, 15 days trial for you to experiment with the service.

I would suggest to join only if you have an event coming up so you can better experiment with its capabilities.

The pricing is at a very accessible $9.99 per month and terms seems quite flexible.

Want my opinion? Give it a good go!