CrowdCompass Mobile Apps for Events: Accelerating Popularity

This is a sponsored post by Cvent written by Kevin Long, Director of Marketing for CrowdCompass Mobile Event Apps (at Cvent).

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Imagine all the months of hard work you’ve put into your event suddenly disappearing. Your attendees can’t access any event info. A speaker presents to an empty room. A sponsor’s booth gets zero attention. And you can’t let anyone know about important changes. Think about all the event-related nightmares you’ve ever had coming true. These worst-case scenarios could happen if you pick a web-based app over a native app.

A CrowdCompass native app lives on your phone and doesn’t need an Internet connection to work. Your attendees simply download the app from Google Play or the Apple store and click on it anytime they want to see event details.

You can also update or modify any info without getting on the web. Why does this matter? Events and conferences are often in places with spotty Wi-Fi, and typical event locations (like hotels) aren’t designed to handle everyone trying to access the Internet at the same time.

A lot of time and energy goes into creating a successful event, and so you want your app to work smoothly the whole time. A CrowdCompass app works anytime, anywhere. It ensures your attendees have quick, reliable access to your content.

It makes sure speakers are in front of a full crowd, exhibitors make more connections, and sponsors generate new business. With so many possibilities for success, why risk it? You’ve already decided to go mobile. Now it’s time to go native. Your event’s worth it.

As technologies develop and evolve, so do the opportunities for events. And now that we’ve joined forces with Cvent, even greater things are in store for the industry—like a mobile app solution for B2B events.