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Corporate Holiday Parties: Last Minute Tips to Ensure Success

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Robert Mackasek:

Robert Mackasek, CEO of Valera Global, a provider of executive transportation, offers last minute tips to ensure successful corporate holiday events. As 2007 draws to a close, corporate event planners across the nation are eagerly anticipating their holiday parties. The venues have been secured, invitations have been sent and food and entertainment are on the agenda. Corporate events, whether an intimate gathering or a massive company-wide celebration, offer guests an opportunity to unwind and celebrate. At the same time, corporations are hoping to make a lasting positive impression on employees, partners and customers. Valera Global offers some advice to ensure that the corporate celebrations are successful, entertaining and safe for all participants through professional executive transportation.

– How can organized transportation help a corporate event?

Offering transportation to and from an event ensures that guests will arrive on time and avoid travel blunders that can sour an event. Transportation services can also be part of the party theme or branding – guests can be greeted with holiday music, decorations and even a gift presented in the chauffeured car to help get revelers in the mood for the festivities to come.

– Scheduling is important at events, especially when it is being held at a separate venue. Can professional transportation help in this area?

RM: By hiring a transportation service to pick up attendees at a specified time, you can ensure the event starts on time and ends on time. This helps keep the event on schedule and prevents unexpected charges for overtime, extra service or labor costs at the venue. Most transportation vendors can also provide on-site dispatchers upon request.

– For corporate events that are held in large cities with public transportation, what would be the advantage of hiring a private chauffeured sedan service?

RM: Especially in large cities, public transportation may not deliver guests close to the venue. Booking a transportation service prevents the hassle of walking from public transit to the venue, especially in inclement weather. Plus, those who might be tempted to take their own cars avoid parking problems. In the case of multi-location events, relying on public transit to get people from place to place can create unwanted delays, aggravation and even the possibility that some guests lose their way. Hiring a transportation provider guarantees everyone arrives at each location on time and intact.

– A lot of companies serve alcohol at their holiday parties. It would make sense to hire private transportation for those guests.

RM: Exactly. Don’t rely on your guests to act as designated drivers to transport people safely home after a night of celebrating. A transportation service guarantees attendees arrive home safely and without incident. This also helps to protect both guests and the host company from harm and liability. Guests with special needs can also be accommodated safely and easily.

– How do we choose the right one?

RM: If you want to create a unique experience for your guests that starts the minute they embark on their journey, seek out a transportation company that can represent your brand as well as getting passengers from point A to point B. Valera Global specializes in creating customized experiences for event transportation and discerning individual travelers. The company’s Special Events department provides one-on-one support to event planners to help them create, and executive, memorable experiences for their clients.