5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bizzabo as your Next Event App

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Today, people want an app for everything they do and everywhere they go. As such, mobile applications for events and conferences are now becoming a standard that attendees expect, and not just for the largest events.

One way to create an app for your event is to pay thousands of dollars (or sometimes even more), spend 3-4 months working back and forth with a mobile app developer, wait for the app to be approved by Apple or Google, and then market the new app to your attendees. Then, repeat this process for every new event you organize.

But there’s another way. You can create an app for free, with only a few minutes of work, that you’ll only have to market once to your attendees, who will appreciate not having to download yet another new one-off event app. It’s called Bizzabo.

Bizzabo multi event networking app is the new hot name in the meetings industry. It’s a free platform that enables you to mobilize (and socialize) your event in less than 5 minutes.

Event organizers add and control their event through an intuitive and easy to use ‘Organizer Dashboard’. The dashboard enables organizers to instantly update all necessary information – venue, location, full agenda with speaker bios, and a lot more. Bizzabo also helps to interact with attendees via real-time push messages that can be used for special announcements and last minutes updates. They also recently added an Eventbrite integration to auto-import your events effortlessly and save you time.

Why Bizzabo?

    1. Attendees at the center – Bizzabo is all about boosting networking. Matching algorithm, in-app chatting, LinkedIn invites, advanced search capabilities. This is something single-event apps can’t do. Bizzabo can.


    1. Social buzz – Bizzabo is heavily integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and actively encourages users to share their plans to attend your event on social networks. The average Bizzabo attendee shares each event they attend on social networks. If you have 1000 attendees, and each has 300 connections – that’s 390,000 people that will hear about your event – and this is a conservative estimation.


    1. Any kind, any size – Staring at name-tags is common in small tech meetups as well as at large conferences and trade-shows.  That’s the beauty of a multi-event app. One platform for every event you organize, no matter the size.


    1. Fast to setup – Make your event live in the Bizzabo app within 5 minutes. That’s it. At any time you can add or update your event schedule. Simply login and update. No more broken phone calls, product iterations and app submissions.


  1. Free of charge – Spend your money elsewhere because this one is free of charge. Shortly, you will also be able to leverage sponsors opportunities within the app.


Bizzabo was founded in late 2011, with the mission of becoming the standard app for professional events. Since then, Bizzabo socialized thousands of amazing events, including the Dublin Web Summit, Qualcomm’s Uplinq San Diego, MLOVE ConFestival Berlin, NOAH San Francisco, Deloitte’s Fast50, ad:tech London and many more. Last June they raised $1.5M from leading angel investors and got nice coverage and excellent feedback from the Wall Street Journal, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch, PandoDaily and others.

For those planning to attend Internet Week Europe in mid November in London, check out this interactive map for all events taking place throughout this weeklong event.

Hands down, Bizzabo is one of the best event networking apps we’ve seen in a while – go ahead, get started here or download their multi-event app from the app store.