Facebook Introduces Check-Ins for Events

While I was busy writing a post on how Foursquare and Facebook were missing out on enabling check ins for events, here comes the news. .

The Story

This is unconfirmed yet and it is showing up only for some users, but Facebook has introduced what was one of the most absurdely ingored opportunities of location based apps.

Your guests will be now able to check-in your event and let you and other guests know they have arrived.

Check-ins cannot be tied only to venues as popular venues host multiple events.

Gowalla already though about that but the much liked Foursquare was lagging behind.

What does it mean for your event?

– Events check-ins are a great way to discover when New ViPs enter your event and make sure you are ready for it.

– They are also a way to monitor conversations around your event and manage customer satisfaction.

– No doubts it is a great promotional opportunity for events as if a guest checks-in all their friends will be notified about it thus promoting your event to attendees’ peers.

Let’s see what the future will bring and if you’ve checked in at events with Facebook tell us about your experience.

Thanks Avi Joseph for the indirect tip.

Photo by Keegan Jones