Cenabo Makes Pre-ordering Meals Easy

Cenabo is a nifty tool to coordinate and pre-order meals for large events. Here are my impressions.

Cenabo is trying to help event lovers with what is often a stressing task, ordering meals for large groups.

Just recently I attended a dinner event where I had to select my meal by replying to an email with subject “Fish”.

C’mon! I am sure we can do better than that. It feels a bit 1995 to me.

Well Cenabo gives tools to better face the above situation.

What is it?

Cenabo helps event professionals and attendees to manage meal preferences at events.

It’s a web based tool where you can easily create a menu, invite your attendees to join and collect their preference.

Better to explain it with a picture:

Easy, huh?

Why Does it Matter?

I immediately got why Cenabo was relevant.

If you sent endless emails with your menu selection as an attendee and if you had to trace hundreds of messages as an organizer, the benefit may sound obvious.

Attendees don’t like sending emails. Filling a form online is easier and hassle free. Eventprofs hate to copy paste, search and so on. Specially with the multitude of tasks we usually have to deal with. Cenabo is a set it and forget it, hassle free solution.

The only annoying bit is that attendees have to get themselves an account to enter the system, although Peter Higgins, Cenabo’s Director, reassured me that account free pre-ordering will be soon an option.

The analytics dashboard is also very convenient with the possibility to export to MS Excel.

The cost is very accessible, starting at GBP £0.08 (approximately US$0.12) per pre-order.

In Conclusion

Event managers wear a lot of hats. Cenabo helps you to trash the unorganized waiter’s hat.

It’s a really simple idea that solves a very complex issue. And you know how fond I am of such solutions.

The thing is, you can try Cenabo for free. Why are we even talking about it?

Just head to the site and try Cenabo. I’d like to know what you think of it.