How this blog changed my career

Photo by: psd

This blog started as a hobby in April 2007. At the time there were very few blogs about the subject. A year and a half later I find myself with a new job thanks to this blog and I am very happy to share that with you.

Without the thousands of readers and the popularity of the community built around the blog none of this would have been possible and the biggest ‘thank you’ goes to You reading this post.

Long story short, I got in touch with the great guys at amiando and I am now in charge of supporting the product, both online and in the UK. I would have never worked for a product that I do not believe in and amiando really nailed the issues with event platforms, firstly by listening to its customers.

What does that mean for the blog? Nothing much.

This blog remains advertising free. I’ll be talking about amiando when there will be a reason to do so and with the usual tone.

I invited you in the past to join the Linkedin Event Planning and Management Group. Most of the merit of this achievement goes to the group. I strongly invite you to join as there are other opportunities out there and in time of recession you definitely want to find new ways to improve your career or your business.

If you want to meet me to discuss further the matter, I’ll host a networking event called ‘Linked in London’ where top professionals from Linkedin will participate, come along and mention this post, we’ll have a chat.

Thank you