The Best Posts in February 2013 on @EventMB

It was a busy month. Welcome to the 10,000 new readers that stopped by in February. We hope you like it around here.

This month we talked Slideshare, Facebook and improving on the event atmosphere.

Honestly, I can’t think how you could miss such incredible flow of useful content.

Here is the roundup…

The Best Posts in February 2013

1. 10+ Awesome Presentations for Event Professionals

This article is a collection of the most useful knowledge about events in form of slides.

2. 10 Steps for Achieving the Perfect Atmosphere at Your Event

Great guest post with 10 ready to use tips to improve the atmosphere of your event.

3. Cultural Events and Social Media: A Powerful Match

This post looks at an interesting report, downloadable at the link, on how Social Media add value to noprofit and cultural events.

4. Facebook Testing “Buy Tickets” Feature for Events

Facebook is rolling out a new Buy Tickets feature. Here is what you need to know.

5. New Conference Roles: Enter IdeaDJs

For your monthly dose of inspiration, this post presents the Idea DJs, individuals capable of resuscitating the most boring conference.

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