The Best Posts in May 2013 on @EventMB

May was a turning point for Event Manager Blog. We gave you a free ebook to download, inspiration for entertaining your guests and an overview of the real game changers in technology.

I know May is a busy month for you, dear event pro. Therefore I am particularly sure you’ll enjoy this roundup of…

The Best Posts in May 2013

1. The Event App Bible: A Free Ebook for Event Professionals

We launched our first ebook. We did not even ask you to enter your email to download it. More than 4,000 event profs read it. Did you?

2. 10 Hip Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Super guest post giving you the latest in what’s hot for your guests. Ever heard of Aroma DJs or iPad caricaturist? Do not miss it.

3. The Biggest Event Marketing Mistake I’ve Ever Made

I shared with you a quite obvious mistake I did when marketing my first events. Never again!

4. Google and The Future of Event Tech

How do tech giants use technology at events. A sneak peek in the future of conferences thanks to Google.

5. Event Startups Watch: 10 Services You Should Try Now!

Event Startups are our passion. Here are 10 new services to help you running a better event.

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