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How to beat the summer (blogging) slump

Skift Take

4 things you like about summer:

I’ve been tagged and although I tried to dodge it in the past it seems like it’s about time to participate. Cece Lee from PR meets Marketing got me into this.

– If you are in London it’s around 20°C (68°F) and having experienced 48°C (118°F) it’s a blessing

– If you are hosting an outdoor event you probably won’t get rain

– Swimming

– Long Daylight

4 of your favorite vacation destinations:

– Greece

– Thailand

– Paris

– Santa Monica

4 of your favorite summer foods:

– Ice cream

– Hummous

– BBQ fish

– Tzaziki

4 concerts not to miss:

– Live Jazz, whenever, wherever

– Gotan Project

– Paolo Conte

– We will Rock you, London

4 things to avoid during the summer:

– live in Southern Italy, it gets very hot and if you are working it’s bad

– rely on the fact that it is summer and you won’t get rain on your outdoor event

– taking London Tube, it’s better to BBQ yourself

– locking yourself in your place, just go out and enjoy

Now the best part, I have to choose 4 other victims and I thought of Carmen, Alli Gerkman, Rose and Rob

Good luck guys and no excuses!