Announcing The New Event Manager Blog

In case you haven’t noticed we have a new look. Here is what you need to know.

I am quite thrilled to announce, dear reader, the launch of a redesigned Event Manager Blog.

This has been the result of more than 6 months of hard work, so I hope you enjoy it.

It would have not been possible without the help of Carmen, who helps this blog being better every day.

What’s New?

The new design comes from the ingenious minds at the award winning agency Fhoke. These guys really know their stuff.

The development has been carried by BeSeen Marketing. Thanks Jon, Mithun and Safeer for the amazing and professional work.

So what is new anyway?

There is a new way of reading the blog, channels. We are not inventing anything here but I am sure you’ll appreciate quick links and categories restructuring.

Each channel is highlighted by a hexagon that helps you understanding what a post is about. Here is the red one for “Inspiration“:

We also have a new optimized mobile version, to read us on the go:

More Guest Posts Visibility

Guest posts are quickly becoming a great addition to this blog.

We now rank the most successful ones. Do you think you can beat them? Submit your own (after reading the guidelines)

A Whole New Shopping Experience

Not sure if you realized but we sell a very successful WordPress Event Theme.

Well we are stepping it up with the launch of a shop page where we’ll be soon adding new products to make event pro’s life easier.

In Conclusion

I hope you’ll enjoy this upgrade.

In the next few weeks some things may not work as we expect them to, but as with all web projects it takes some time to be fully up and running.

This is our commitment to bring you great content in the most usable way.

We really stepped up the game for event industry blogs, so keep reading and sharing – we won’t let you down.