Featured in Alltop

Guy Kawasaki, popular blogger and entrepreneur, recently started Alltop a directory with the best blogs per subject. They just added the event planning section, featuring the blog you are reading.

From the Q&A on their website:

Q. How do the Alltop sites work?

A. We import the stories of the top news websites and blogs for any given topic and display the headlines of the five most recent stories (except Moms.alltop which has fewer headlines because there are so many feeds). When you place the cursor over a headline, we display part of the story so that you can decide if you’d like to read it. To read the story, click on its title. To go to the home page of the site, click on its domain name.

It’s a great collection of Event Planning blogs and I invite you to have a look.

If you feel you want to see the Event Manager Blog on top of the others just email them and let them know.