The 9 Most Expensive Event Tickets In The World (And What You Get For Them)

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If you are looking to spend big, these are the tickets to do it. Here are some of the hottest and most expensive event tickets in the world, and what you actually get for the price tag.

There are certain elite tickets that are not available to your average attendee due to their hefty price tag, as well as some pretty exclusive event experiences too. We have compiled a list of some of the most outlandish and interesting event tickets which demand top dollar across the globe. Here is a glimpse of how the other half live and if it is actually good value for money, as well as some of the more “accessible” high end luxury events you could attend!

  1. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Price: $7,270

What You Get:
One of the most expensive races in the yearly grand prix calendar the hill general admission starts at around $280 and that allows you to see just the screens. For a standard grandstand 3 day admission you are looking at around $560. However, if you are looking for the best experience and views (and the highest cost!) you can enjoy the Red Bull Paddock Club for the full three days for the price of $7,270 per ticket and this gives you:

  • Exclusive access to the VIP and Pit lanes
  • Prime viewing area for the race
  • Morning tea, lunch and wines
  • Exclusive access to the Formula One Paddock Club
  • Open bar and champagne
  • Entertainment

And they will even throw in an official program and some ear plugs too!

  1. WSJDLive

Price: $5,000+

What You Get:
The Wall Street Journal Live conference is held annually in Laguna Beach, California, for the elite. Produced by the editors of The Wall Street Journal it brings together industry influencers from a variety of sectors including finance, government and industry. It has exclusive guests and CEO’s, with discussions and insights. These tickets are invitation-only (with the exception of press) and reserved for the top networks and attendees, although anyone can request one. The ticket price is kept very quiet and not official but is said to be above $5,000 but with access to top CEO’s, celebrities and executives and previous speakers including Tim Cook, James Cameron and Steve Ballmer, it isn’t surprising that you are paying a premium for this 3 day conference. You are also promised that each year the event will touch on in depth industry discussions and plenty of participation and interaction.

  1. PopTech

Price: $2,000

What You Get:
This yearly conference houses a range of intellectual minds from different networks in a yearly gathering in Camden, Maine. You are treated to a variety of guests and speakers from neuroscientists to actors and actresses who aim to be innovators of change that work together to expand the capability of humanity in a global community.  Tickets for the October 2017 conference are $2,000, or $1,750 for the early bird price and you can expect access to all three days of insightful speakers and presentations that help to progress thought and discuss with other innovative minds.

  1. The US Golf Masters

Price: $7,140

What You Get:
One of the major tournaments in professional golf is held each year in April at Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia. The US Masters is the first of four major championships held throughout the year. Tickets are limited and particularly difficult to get hold of each year and the box office very quickly sells out but there are two ticketing options available, badges which are rented for the required days and then returned to their owners after the event or single day tickets which are purchased in a similar way to usual tickets. This is a four-day event (with an additional two practice days) and prices for tickets are as follows:

  • Monday/Tuesday Practice = Start at $600 per day and gets you in the grounds
  • Thursday – Sunday Competition tickets –  $1,800 and upwards (per day) which grants grounds access.
  • 4 Day Competition Seated Tickets – $6,000 – $7,296 (depending on seats)
  1. Super Bowl

Price: $11,000

What You Get:
The annual American football championship that decides the winners of the NFL season is one of the largest sporting events and has culminated as a tradition and part of culture for much of the US. With performances, massive sponsors, celebrity fans and endorsements and plenty of hype, it is no wonder these tickets can be expensive. This year’s Super Bowl tickets had nothing selling below $2,400 per seat and the pricing looked like this:

  • The “cheaper” standard seats and ticket in the Upper End Zone – $2,500
  • Upper Level Side Lines – $3,000 and up
  • Club Level Corner – $4,600 (and up)
  • Premium Club Level – $9,000

For the big packages and premium seats however you are looking at around $11,000 a ticket and above, which also includes VIP passes to pre and post-game parties as well as appearances from NFL alumni and a smaller capacity area for a more intimate setting to watch the game.

  1. TED Conference

Price: $250,000

What You Get:
Standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, this annual 5-day conference in North America tackles a variety of industries from science and business to arts and global issues. A range of speakers and industry professionals take to the stage to give talks alongside entertainment and other presentations at the conference which is why it is usually a best seller. Unlike other events however the TED conference is for members only and while everyone is encouraged to apply, not everyone makes the cut. These are the annual membership prices and what you get for the conferences:

  • Vanguard – First timers – $5,000 – includes meals, events, live access, book club and online social network. Suitable for one year only as an effort to make it more affordable and accessible to many.
  • Standard – $10,000 – After the first year this is the standard membership that includes everything above.
  • Donor – $25,000 – Everything above plus; early access and standby seating, program and website recognition, hotel room allocation and flexible registration.
  • Patron – $250,000 – Everything above plus; VIP hotel assistance, and a companion ticket at a reduced rate.
  1. Ice Totally Gaming, London

Price: $2,300

What You Get:
For the gaming industry the yearly ICE Totally Gaming conferences are the largest around and bring together a variety of industry experts, regulators, supply and third party stakeholders in one place to focus on networking, education and debate in the gaming industry. This event is a combination of 8 different conferences that cover a variety of different areas from cybercrime and regulatory compliance and security to multi-channel gaming and game design and development. Since not every conference would suit every attendee there are various ticket and pass options including:

  • International Casino Conference Pass – $1,000 for this conference only
  • Single Conference Pass – $1,250 – Attend any of the singular conferences, except the Casino Conference above.
  • Access All Areas – $2,300 – Attend any of the sessions or conferences you choose.
  1. Olympic Opening Ceremony Tokyo 2020

Price: $1,400

What You Get:
The Olympics is a global sporting event that doesn’t need much introduction and while tickets can be difficult to get a hold of, on the whole the organizers try to make the sporting spectator tickets fairly affordable to the masses. With Tokyo winning the 2020 bid an insight into ticket prices looks to be fair at around $40 – $60 per ticket for certain events (not including travel or accommodation costs of course) but it will be the opening ceremony that is costly. As all participants are showcased and parade the best seats for the Tokyo opening ceremony are looking at around 20 times the usual ticket price, at $1,400. Of course this event only comes once every four years and the opening ceremony tends to be a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. NBA Championship Finals

Price: $2,800

What You Get:

The National Basketball Association in the US hosts a national league and this culminates to a large annual sporting event for the finals that occurs in June in a best-of-seven situation. These tickets tend to get more expensive as time goes on and each game is played, particularly if favourite rivalries are set to appear against one another. Previous finals have seen prices increase but on average attendees will be looking to pay this per ticket:

  • Game 1, 2, 5 and 6 – $1,500
  • Game 3, 4 – $ 1,300
  • Game 7 – $2,800

Depending on the teams that make the final, the situation and venue, the ticket price can fluctuate but for game 7, which in some cases is the deciding game, prices can skyrocket.

In Conclusion

So there we have it, some of the most expensive events and tickets that are available, as well as what you can expect in return. For some, seeing their favourite sporting team victorious or learning from some of the most innovative minds and influencers is priceless. It is all in the value you place on it and as these events prove, the market is there to pay these top ticket prices in return for these memorable experiences.