5+ Professional Event WordPress Themes For Your Website

23.3% of all websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. WordPress once was known as the best platform for hosting a blog. It is today an incredibly powerful Content Management System (CMS), employed for all sorts of websites.

WordPress has completely smashed competition thanks to its free and participative nature. You can run a fully working website for free in minutes. While WordPress used to be a thing for geeks, the project is evolving into being a fully usable commercial solution while preserving its open source nature.

While we’ve covered in the past why it is great and how to set it up, the aim today is to cover one of the most powerful asset WordPress counts on: themes.

Themes have traditionally been used as ‘skins’ you can load to WordPress to change the look and feel of your blog or website. Today they are incredibly powerful tools with custom made functionality and features.

In 2012, we took the plunge to create our own WordPress theme shop for event and conference websites. In almost 3 years we have powered more than 3,000 event websites and we learned a lot in terms of what attendees and #eventprofs want.

Last week we announced our latest theme, Vertoh, which is an incredibly powerful and feature-packed event WordPress Theme. Here are all the themes we launched in the past 3 years. We are sure you’ve seen at least one of them n an event near you.

Event WordPress Themes

Fudge 2.0

Fudge event wordpress theme

Based on the enormous success of Fudge 2.0 is an incredible exercise in design. It delivers all the modern features you would expect in an event WordPress theme. It is also the third theme to boast the Event Composer. An easy drag and drop editor to easily compose your home or any page.

It boasts integration with WordPress favourite event registration systems such as EventEspresso, Woocommerce, Gravity forms. Yes, you can use Woocommerce to sell event tickets and pay no fees.

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Mondree music festival wordpress theme

Inspired by the tiles that Mondrian painted, Mondree brings elegance and darkness to your event website. Some events may require darker branding and Mondrian has a unique way to bring it along. Incredible visual impact and user experience make Mondree a very innovative WordPress theme for music festivals, seminars, conferences, etc.

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Khore optimized mobile tablet

Khore has an innovative design. You can have it with the left hamburger menu or with a regular menu on top. It is incredibly powerful and it is used by award nights, conferences, workshops and seminars. Khore has an amazing mobile experience and integrates with major event registration providers.

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Vertoh Conference wordpress theme

Vertoh is our latest and most powerful theme. It boasts 4 header options to reflect different moments of the event, advanced schedule, session, speaker and exhibitor management. It combines the learning from all our previous themes and hundreds of instances of feedback from our clients. It integrates with major WordPress and non-WordPress online registration providers.

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tyler wordpress events theme

Tyler has been our fastest selling event WordPress themes. With amazing events such as LeWeb using it as its structure, Tyler is an amazing theme with incredible features. The schedule view has revolutionized the way we look at event schedules. For once schedules don’t have to look swamped with irrelevant information or downloadable in PDF.

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fudge wordpress theme events

Fudge changed event websites for good. It is the most imitated and best selling theme we’ve ever launched. One of the trends of 2014 was one page websites. Fudge as been the incarnation of such trend. Amazingly simple yet effective.

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januas events wordpress themes

Januas is the leading multi-event WordPress theme on the market. The ideal choice for those planning several events during the year and looking for a portal to collect them. Januas offers advanced multiple event management capabilities no other WordPress theme does.

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Event Manager Theme

event manager wordpress theme

Event Manager Theme is our very first theme. Hundreds of event professionals especially in the academic world, prefer Event Manager Theme for its classic look and simple yet effective features.

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In Conclusion

WordPress is an amazing choice for your event website, whether you are implementing a large or small project. The time of spending hundreds of dollars to get a simple change, on our website are over.

With WordPress you are in control of your site, you own it and decide what to do with it. Everything is as easy as drag and drop.

It is time to make event websites look professional and beautiful, mobile-friendly and usable. If you haven’t tried WordPress or event WordPress themes, it is now the time to do it!

This is a post in partnership with our sister company Showthemes.