5 Event Tech Companies Changing the Industry – Round 6 #ETY15

The #ETY15 showcases 30 of the top technologies in the event industry, competing for the title of Event Technology of the Year 2015. The winner will be announced in an award ceremony, in collaboration with Endless Entertainment, on October 14 in Las Vegas, right after the second day of IMEX.

Every Friday we have been sharing a round up of 5 technologies that entered the award. Check out week 1 , week 2 , week 3week4 and week5. This is the final round up. We need you to vote for your favourite via our public vote and to show your support for your favourite #eventtech. While our esteemed judges will decide the winner, your vote will reserve a special surprise for the most voted company.

Here is our sixth #ETY15 Roundup! Below we list the quick pitch they submitted and a link to their website so you can find out more.

1. Social Tables Mobile

550x182 emb logos_Social tables

Social Tables has added a native mobile application (Social Tables Mobile) that allows teams to create and manage their events from any location from their iPad. This makes Social Tables the first collaborative event software to have a fully mobile offering. During a site visit or property tour, Social Tables Mobile acts as an aesthetic tool to facilitate a sales team’s business objectives by allowing them the ability to showcase how an empty room could look with their desired setup. Additionally, the mobile app allows planners to communicate with clients and update their events instantaneously, from any location.

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2. TapCrowd by etouches

550x182 emb logos_TapCrowd - etouches logo

etouches event management software is dedicated to providing the global event industry with innovative solutions to enhance their events. Mobile technology TapCrowd is one of those innovative solutions. TapCrowd combines the usefulness of a comprehensive event app solution with the power of big data. The event app offers the user personalized recommendations based on in-app user activity, location & time.

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3. Twoppy

550x182 emb logos_Logo_twoppy

twoppy offers an accessible, affordable, high quality and self-service platform to manage your event communications and engagement. Easy to setup, directly accessible, no technical knowledge required and with ultra-short lead times. You can start instantly building your event app, invite attendees and synchronize your content across other output channels like your website or LED screens with our API.

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4. VisualQ

550x182 emb logos_Tallen Technology Rentals

VisualQ solves the dilemma of figuring out who made what comment and allows viewers to take notes from anywhere in the world as if they were in the room. No more Person A or Person B.

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5. Weavent

550x182 emb logos_Qianhai FEST technology (Shenzhen) co., LTD

On-site WIFI and mobile interaction solution provides a more interactive pattern of advertisement which enhances the user engagement and leaves them with unforgettable memories.

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In Conclusion

We will announce the 5 finalists who will make it to Vegas very soon. Don’t forget to vote for your top choice!