19 More Mini Sweets and Desserts

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You can never have too much dessert, so for the foodies with a sweet tooth, here are more mini sweets and delicacies you can add to your event menu.

Some event layouts merely cannot accommodate dining or seating which makes feeding attendees difficult without losing space (and ultimately occupancy). Finger food and canape-only catering options for events help food go further, but it can be harder to find that perfect dessert that is both miniature and delicious that still leaves guests feeling satisfied. These ideas meet all of that criteria and most are accessible without cutlery or plates, making the planning (and clean up) easy and hassle free.

  1. Lavender Financier

These mini French cakes are fairly popular and are also known as almond cakes because they use ground or almond flour to give them a new taste or texture. This is the perfect example of how sprucing up an old idea can work wonders for your catering, like with this lavender and gourmet edible painted topping.

Credit: The White Boutique – Catering

  1. Macarons

A current trend and favourite is the macaron, which are growing in popularity because they are delicious, small and compact but a delicacy to perfect! You can use these for making towers and cake displays or alternatively have them branded with logos or made using your event colours to keep on theme. For a fun, fresh change to desserts, you could offer alternative flavors and different colors with these sweet meringue-based confections, for example rose, orange blossom, pistachio and salted caramel.

  1. Baby Bundt Cakes

Traditionally a Bundt cake is brought by guests for the hostess at fairly informal affairs but these miniature versions are stunning variations that can be served to guests without being too filling or heavy, making them perfect for the summer!

Credit: Delicate Desserts

  1. Stuffed Doughnuts

Just because they are small, doesn’t mean they can’t be filling (or have filling!). Miniature doughnuts are always a hit but these stuffed Nutella versions are a decadent delight if you are looking to spoil attendees with a heavy treat.

Credit: bnedessertco

  1. Key Lime Cheesecake

With a ginger biscuit base and lime curd topping, this cheesecake cup is one way to get a sophisticated dessert into an accessible option without the need for a sit down. They can be served with spoons and easily carried so that they don’t interfere with event networking.

Credit: Desserts By DMB

  1. Strawberry Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a favorite but they can often still be too large and messy so instead these miniature versions could be a useful alternative. The base is made from a thicker batter making them less crumbly and negating the need for wrappers and rubbish, meaning they are the perfect finger food dessert.

  1. Mini Chocolate Mousse Jars

These would be an inclusive dessert for adult and children alike because who doesn’t like chocolate mousse? Served in jars, you could re-use them for future events and topped with raspberry coulis and fruit adds that gourmet touch and pleasing aesthetic.

Credit: Bespoke Awb

  1. Traybake Squares

Mini desserts don’t have to be self-inclusive, you can separate some of your favorites into smaller portions for your guests. For example, here are a selection of gourmet desserts that are made together and then cut into smaller segments to suit your needs. Confections such as brownies, tiramisu and cheesecakes can all be adapted in size and this is a better option if you are self-catering and unable to make individual versions yourself!

Credit: Pasteleria Francesa

  1. Rainbow Cake Cups

With the current unicorn theme trend, rainbow anything seems to be popular so these would go down a storm! It’s a multi-layer cake and topping in a cup served with sweets and sugar, which are not only pleasing to look at (and Instagram-worthy) but will stand out at the dessert station.

Credit: Cup Of Sweetness

  1. Stuffed Strawberries

An interesting bitesize option are these stuffed strawberries which are filled with vanilla bean cheesecake frosting. Plus these tiny martini glasses are amazing and lined with edible glitter which are fun for the guests and look like little dessert cocktails too!

Credit: Poshitively Dessert

  1. Mini Cherry Pies

Something homely and hearty are these mini cherry pies that are a homemade delight. They are fairly simple to make but can be a filling dessert option for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Also, they are less mess than their larger counterparts!

Credit: Bridal Boss Planner

  1. Tiny Gourmet Eclairs

Eclairs are decadent and these gourmet versions take things over the top with their Belgian chocolate toppings and golden edible glitter. They are small enough to be eaten in a few bites but enough to be filling and satisfying (if a little moreish). Plus you can mix up the designs, like in this example to keep things interesting and draw attention to them.

Credit: Giovanna

  1. Orange Layer Cake

If you want to opt for desserts that are more simple and classic such as these mini layer cakes, you need to get the presentation right like with this example. Drizzling orange over the top and turning them into circular cakes without a wrapper can make them look more sophisticated, plus you can easily get this effect by using a cookie cutter to cut these out of a larger cake if you don’t have the equipment to make them individually.

  1. Twist on a Well-Known Brand

Why not take a household name, such as Oreos, and give them an extra level of sophistication to serve them at your event? Top with silver leaf to turn Oreos into mini bitesize gems, retaining the deliciousness while appealing to attendees.

  1. Tiny Pavlovas

Pavlovas are traditionally messy (ever heard of Eton mess?) but with these tiny versions they are gone in a few bites, no mess, no fuss. Plus, the joy of smaller pavlovas is that they don’t require cutlery because the meringue is hard enough to be self-sustaining, even with a fruit topping.

Credit: Petu Cakes

  1. Blueberry Panna Cotta Domes

These domes are an Italian treat that are essentially a cake made from gelatine, which is one of the ways they get this stunning mirror glaze on the outside. These will generally only be available via a caterer as they are quite tricky to get right but as you can see, they make a big impact and look amazing when they do.

Credit: Teecup Sweets

  1. Gold Strawberries

For something budget friendly you can spruce up the dipped fruit idea with these gold dipped strawberries that add a more regal touch to the fruit platter at the dessert station. They would be adaptable to other fruits too and the colour itself could be changed but regardless they look beautiful and like more effort than they actually are!

Credit: Cake Design

  1. Baklava Cheesecake

This modern take on a traditional Mediterranean treat proves mini cheesecakes can still be lavish and tiny with the edible flowers, brittle and even mini syringe of liquid gold that accompanies this dessert. This is an excellent example of being able to improve user experience through food while also keeping them small and easy to eat to appeal to certain event layouts.

Credit: Sydney Dessert Co.

  1. Victoria Sandwiches

A traditional Victoria sponge is a summer and event favorite but isn’t suitable if you don’t have plates, knives and a lot of napkins, however, these miniature versions look even better. The mini macarons also add a charming touch and when combined with the fruit, you have an all-inclusive dessert for your attendees, soon they won’t want to go back to the real thing.

Credit: Fifikotwal

In Conclusion

If you aren’t hungry after these, then you are not human! These are some more of the best dessert options that you can choose to add to your menus if you are just looking for something budget-friendly or aiming to reduce the amount of planning, dining options and clear-up for your event, because these mini sweets and desserts will be gone in seconds.