19 Creative Event Signage Ideas

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Provide a variety of visuals and attract attention in equal measure with these event signage ideas.

Whether it is to welcome your attendees, for marketing and sponsorship purposes or brand recognition at a trade show or exhibition, event signage gives your event a clean and organised feel, letting the attendees know they are in good hands. Venues and spaces can hinder and be picky about traditional signage and where exactly it goes and adheres, so having several innovative ideas up your sleeve gives you options. With this in mind, here are some creative signage ideas to keep in your arsenal!


  1. Floating Signage

If you have this option available, make use of pools, fountains and water features by providing floating signage. You can opt for something obvious like a brand or event name or something like this with a theme or event ethos. You could include adaptive signs that have solar powered lights to make transitioning from day to night special and noticeable.

Credit: Lindsay Landman, The Mulia Bali

  1. Interchangeable Registration Booths

Making use of event registration areas ensures that signage is well seen, right from the official welcome zone. This is good for marketing and sponsorship opportunities and is often an area where people will hang around, or (dare we say it?) potentially queue. Branded registration booths provide a good opportunity for interchangeable signage. For multi-day events you could even change the designs for the different days to make the welcome extra special.

Credit: Florida Event Décor

  1. Vehicles

Vehicle signage can help with marketing and promotion prior to an event and also reassure people they are in the right place for the live event as well. Using quirky vehicles such as buses, carts or modified and luxury cars can create a buzz while also providing options that can be sponsored.

Credit: SBC

  1. Marquee Signs

These are photo opportunity favorites that come in a variety of sizes, including giant human sized signs. They are commonly lit so are suitable for events that will be transitioning between day and night, or in low lighting conditions, and can be placed anywhere to blend in with the décor, even at the beach like in this example!

Credit: Rustalgic

  1. Flags

Particularly popular at sporting or outdoor events, flags can be fixed to anything so they are highly adaptable and have even been secured to backpacks of runners or stewards to make them walking, mobile signage. Custom flags can stand out among the crowds and create markers that people recognise, to gain more brand recognition.

Credit: Davis Sign Co

  1. Chalkboards

Chalkboards are a favourite budget idea that give an interesting effect and can be easily contrasted with different colour chalks. Growing in popularity, this type of signage looks stunning when combined with calligraphy and can be made permanent using paint for a different effect. You could also opt for this signage idea by placing in a frame on a stand, making it look like an easel.

  1. Topiary

Using topiary or foliage for signs can look stunning against a variety of backdrops and whether it is real or fake it can still make a big impact. This is obviously a larger example but you could opt for smaller letters that fit in an exhibition booth that are still effective.

Credit: Saint George Hotel

  1. Furniture

Your event branding, combined with attendee comfort can be a winning combination. Whether that means signing the table tops, having printed chair signage created or whether you go rustic with DIY boards tied to furniture, either way it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Credit: Becki Cross

  1. Light Up Tubes

Lighting effects can create an impact at your event and incorporating signage into that can be a unique opportunity. These tubes are small but effective and could be used as part of an event entrance, walkway or merely dotted around the room for effect.

Credit: Lindsay Landman

  1. Neon

This colourful neon sign adds a hint of nostalgia while also creating a great signage effect. These would be a higher budget signage idea as they would need to be commissioned for your event but large neon signs can make a powerful impact and photo opportunity.

Credit: Igifittingcrew

  1. Staff

If you are having staff, volunteers or facilitators at your event, give them signed or branded t-shirts to wear and they can become powerful signage tools for both marketing and sponsorship. Excellent staff provide fantastic service and when they are wearing branded clothing it can immediately reflect well on you having so many event ambassadors to spot. Plus, t-shirts and staff signage are fairly low cost, even on a large scale.

Credit: Bravo Brasil – Natalia Cotosck

  1. Coroplast Boards

Never underestimate traditional signage options such as these coroplast boards that are simple and effective as well as very mobile. They can be carried around by staff as they are light and placed at entrances and key points with instructions and wayfinding options to help guests.

Credit: Press Print Graphics

  1. Post-It Notes

This is a fun and low-cost option that can turn heads too. These different colour post-It notes create their own impact and attendees can write their thoughts on a note as part of a networking game or participatory activity to contribute to a similar wall at your next event.

  1. Repurpose Windows

Reusing and repurposing can be a budget friendly event planning idea and creates unique signage opportunities as you write or print on glass. You can add calligraphy using glass pens or paint the glass and scratch out the wording to make it look like a negative.

Credit: Cre8ive Studios, Quills

  1. Badges

At conferences and exhibitions turn event badges and passes into signage opportunities. Every attendee has one and will be wearing it around the event which also means plenty of opportunities to gatecrash event photos. This is also an interesting sponsorship option that you could include in the package, particularly for badges with lanyards.

Credit: Paper Mark Creative

  1. Foliage/Giant Leaves

If you can get your hands on giant leaves then use them to your advantage to create some signage camouflage that seamlessly blends into your theme and décor. This tiki bar idea has stunning calligraphy and is big enough to be noticed.  

Credit: Lindsay Landman

  1. Table Top

Turn signage into centrepieces that can add to the table setting and décor like this top table for a wedding. You could also use this at panel discussions with the name or theme of the panel or even incorporate themed table names at a fundraiser.

Credit: Michelle Rocheleau

  1. Wall/Glass Vinyl’s

Use vinyl stickers or decals on walls to use up empty space and give a temporary transformation to your venue. Alternatively, using them on glass, such as in this example. This not only creates lighting effects when the sun shines through but also extends onto the floor and combines with fun floor signage too.

  1. Graffiti Walls

Graffiti can be an artistic and expressive way to get attention and boarding, temporary walls or booths can be constructed to accommodate the modern artwork. Another minimal mess option is to bring in a digital graffiti wall, such as this example, that can not only provide signage and sponsorship opportunities but encourages participation as well.  

Credit: Jacobmadwed

In Conclusion

Signage can be so much more than a printed sign and these ideas give a broad spectrum of ideas which can be used to offer marketing, sponsorship, branding, wayfinding and photo worthy moments within your event. Here are plenty of options to keep your event signage original. This post combined with our previous 17 event signage ideas should give you everything you need to stay fresh and sign your event the right way.