18 Scrumptious Canapés and Finger Foods

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Get in touch with your inner foodie and have some foodspiration for your next event menu with some of the most delicious canapé and finger food ideas to wow guests.

Event food and catering not only helps to set the tone of the event but can also keep attendees happy (no one likes to go hungry!) and canapés and finger foods are a great way to keep a flow of food without a sit-down meal or large buffet selection. Appetizer or hors d’oeuvres only catering options can be a great low-budget event planning idea but you need to make sure they are impressive selections if it is all you are serving. Luckily we have got you covered, here are 18 foodspirational ideas to get you started.

  1.  Salmon Blinis

The stunning signature salmon canapés served with dill are always a welcome addition and when combined with cream cheese like these, you can’t go wrong!

A post shared by Clare Stevens (@clarey10x) on Apr 16, 2017 at 5:05am PDT

Credit: Clare Stevens

  1. Swedish Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes are a classic and very diverse, these canapés are topped with Swedish anchovies and chives to make them a sweet but spicy option for your adventurous food guests.

Credit: Liselotte Forslin

  1. Shrimp & Grits

Go back to basics with these shrimp and grits on handy serving size spoons for a simple but elegant solution.

Credit: Main Event Caterers

  1. Guacamole & Prawn Taco

Miniaturize tacos like this option that adds a sophisticated touch of guacamole and prawns to add a burst of flavor in almost one bite!

Credit: The White Boutique Catering

  1. Pea Soup Beakers

Go quirky or incorporate you’re the theme into your canapés like with these fun and easy to manage pea soup beakers. It definitely mixes up an old classic.  

Credit: Foxtail Catering

  1.  Vegetable Confetti Bruschetta

A delicious vegetarian option that adds color to your finger food selection such as this confetti topped with cheese. They are also surprisingly filling too!

Credit: Wahre Gaumenfreunde

  1. Sushi

With a variety of options available and plenty of color, sushi can be an elegant and relatively easy finger food to serve. Plus it’s so dynamic you could organize them according to event themes and colors while still being delicious.

  1. Mini Burritos

Opt for comfort food and you can’t go wrong! These delicious and cute looking mini burritos are individually wrapped and can be customized with fillings too depending on your catering preferences.

Credit: Assado

  1. Ham & Quince Biscuits

These small stuffed biscuits are an interesting finger food option that turn out like warmed sandwiches, especially filled with quince jam.

Credit: Chef Kyle Bailey

  1. Jalapeno, Salmon, Cucumber Bites

These spicy and tangy bites are a great combination of cream cheese, salmon, and jalapeno for a uniquely surprising flavor!

Credit: Leili’s Table, Catering and Events in Toronto

  1. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Combine meat and fish to mix up the classics for a delicious finger food that is perfect for dipping as shown here. You could also serve these warm or cold depending on your event but either way they have the perfect crunch!

Credit: Scott Afters

  1. Salad Cups

Serve up pre-made salads with fresh produce that is in season and recreate favored larger dishes with croutons or cheeses too!

  1. Melon Ham Spikes

A fruit combination that are budget friendly and easy to eat with a handy cocktail stick, these basil and ham melon spikes are a delicious and light alternative for afternoon events that won’t fill up your guests.

  1. Lasagne Cups

Traditional food in miniature form will always go down a hit and these lasagne cups that are best served warm will be well received, particularly as they are much easier to consume than the larger version!

Credit: The White Boutique Catering

  1. Steak Tartar

Steak is a classic but is very limited to a sit-down meal so instead try incorporating it into canapé form like this delicious, mini wagyu steak tartar option.

Credit: Sweet Hospitality

  1. Goat Cheese & Mushroom Crostini

These crostini options with Sauteed vegetables, almonds, and caramelized onions are bursting with flavor and are surprisingly filling. Plus they are more interesting as they are a variety of colors which makes them more appetizing.

Credit: Leili’s Table, Catering and Events in Toronto

  1. Pizza Pinwheels

Perfect for kids and adults alike these pizza pinwheel lollies are a great way to sneak some junk food into a sophisticated event and no one can tell the difference!

  1. Halloumi Grilled Aubergine

These intricate but awesome looking canapés are filled with a  variety of flavors including potato cakes, pineapple salsa, Asian prawn spoons, pea shoots and puree and beef canon all in a handy aubergine wrap.

Credit: Kamini Like Harmony

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for simple and effective or something more intricate to wow your attendees, these canapés and finger foods will do just the trick. There is something here to cater to any attendee food preference so no one is left out. Use these as foodspiration for your next event and you can’t go wrong!