18 Futuristic Exhibition Stands

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Take a peek into the future with some of these stand concepts to give inspiration and ideas of where the exhibition booths of tomorrow could be heading.

Exhibitions are all about showcasing what you can do and those who are more innovative and adaptive tend to be the favorites on the show floor, particularly if it’s something that hasn’t been seen before. As technology advances, so do the expectations of attendees and therefore in order to stand out from the traditional shell scheme or graphic backdrop, you need to look to the future and evolve!

These weird and wonderful futuristic exhibition stand concepts will give you the inspiration you need to take the leap into the future with your next booth.

1. Gaming Station

This custom gaming station by Synapse Exhibits at the GDC 2017 San Francisco convention allows attendees to trial different programs and is built to accommodate many visitors to the stand. This type of interactive booth will attract more attendees towards your brand and products and you could facilitate any type of cool technology such as virtual reality headsets or multi-player games.

2. Under Armour Concept Design

This space-age concept by Metro Exhibits created for an exhibition stand for Under Armour not only incorporates the fitness branding and logo but has trialing fitness stations for attendees. As attendees become more and more health conscious it is stands like these that can not only cater to the demographic but also tie in neatly with their brand. There are also plenty of corporate sponsorship opportunities that could be built into this stand and it is definitely large enough to stand out.

3. Giza System Construction

This clean cut and futuristic display by Square CA has light up floors and individual kiosks and chairs for the attendees to use to learn more about your brand. The stand itself is striking but simple and uses the lights to draw the eye, opting for ergonomic display.

4. Multi-Tiered Living Space

Opting to create a complete experience at London Totally Ice Gaming 2017, Radar Exhibitions use a multi-level stand and seating area to not only accommodate the guests but anticipate what an attendee needs. This also creates a space that others will gravitate towards and with the stunning “living room” like familiarity and décor it looks more like a permanent feature than a trade show booth!

5. Apps In Real Life

Minx Design brings an app to life and it won’t be long before it is the norm for apps and software to have a physical presence at trade shows. This stand at the Mobile World Congress 2017 showcases how analytical and marketing software can be interesting and appealing to attendees with a tiered stand, vibrant graphics and the use of lighting to highlight where they are. It can’t be missed and definitely draws you in to learn more.

6. Indoor Light Show

This simplistic and yet effective idea minimizes the space above the stand to create its own dimensions and remove the distractions around it. This clever idea by Tensile Fabric isn’t too far stretched from current options but adding the lights and reflections gives a different user experience and makes it memorable.

7. The Greenhouse Concept

This concept by Exstand shows a unique design that is similar to a greenhouse and almost looks like a miniature venue itself with its indoor landscaping and architecture. Providing a walking deck on top as well as seating areas around the edge it could be its own purpose built exhibition to keep attendees talking and not straying too far.

8. Bright Open Plan Layout

Some trends are always in fashion and as the MCH Group shows at this 2016 trade fair you can jazz up an old idea. Using high walls and ceilings but creating a very well-lit area on the trade show floor can make your booth more welcoming and the structure helps to guide the eye.

9. X-Bionic Cut Out

Using muscles as inspiration this cut-out design allows attendees to peek into the other side. Event Interface shows here that the darkened walls in contrast with the light inside creates a powerful transition and transports you into another world when you enter. There are also ample signage opportunities and it is heavily branded so that you know exactly what you are walking in to.

10. SB Tech Curve Screen

It makes sense that a gaming convention would have excellent technology but this SB Tech stand, shown by Kirstie Gill is the next level. This giant LCD curve screen can display a variety of images and as you can see here can create a changing and adaptive vibe for the both. The floorplan looks like a spaceship as the central panel guides you to miniature stations and kiosks to interact with. It definitely makes you feel like there could be new life out there!

11. LG’s Museum Booth

This LG pop up booth at the Euroshop trade fair combines a museum feel with modern technology with changing graphics that allow attendees to walk around and see a dynamic display. This clean cut design also creates an enclosed space to create a more private environment you must enter to find out more.

12. Tall Hideaway

Sam + F Design Corp. show that you should go big or go home with this encased hideaway booth that is tall and looming. By creating a booth that you can barely see through it piques the curiosity of the attendee and creates a sense of exclusivity that is uncommon at an exhibition where you are inherently trying to show off your brand. Also the use of big block colors on the inside compared to the monochrome on the outside is a real transformation as you step inside.

13. Darkened Sports Interaction

Just like the gamers, creating a stand that accommodates and encourages competition can be a way of getting attendees to circle back and check on their scores. This exhibit for Table Creations by Metro Exhibits at the 2017 New York Toy Fair shows off their new range of products with a twist, they glow in the dark and are luminescent. This stand once you get inside takes the lighting down and gives a new sporting and interactive experience.

14. Enclosed Slopes

This concept and design by JJ. Ahmadian was expertly brought to life and looks stunning and otherworldly. The stand shows off products and offers private meeting rooms inside. It also expertly shows off the brand from all angles and has welcoming lighting and seating areas in a juxtaposition of modern and classic styling.

15. Interesting Simplicity

Kohlhaas Messebau show that you can bring new life to an old idea by creating this weird and interesting dotted design at the 2017 Euroshop. It allows attendees to walk through a selected pathway to get to the booth stand and while also intriguing others to come and have a look. It also has a flowing design and creates a 3D model that will appeal to those who are architecturally or artistically minded.

16. Pillar Concept

This freestanding pillar design concept by Exstand has comfortable seating and screen displays for branding or product display but the pillar itself is large and looming to act as a beacon for attendees. It is these sorts of concepts that encourage attendees to congregate towards and around them as they create a landmark and pique curiosity.

17. Giant Screen Displays

These giant interactive screens by Synapse Exhibits at the 2016 SPI in Las Vegas could play host to a range of activities to entertain and amuse attendees and encourage others to get involved. From games to giant selfie cameras these are next level tech that should be on display.

18. Submarine Booth Concept

This booth concept design shared by Kat from the Exhibitor Live 2016 trade show creates an immersive event experience, pun intended, with this fantastic submarine design that has indoor meeting capabilities and big signage. The bright bold colors are bold and impactful while the see through walls allow others to see what is going on inside.

In Conclusion

In the world of trade shows innovation is rewarded. Some of these futuristic concepts show that large ideas can pay off and set you apart from the rest. We hope these booth designs have inspired you and your exhibitors.