18 Charging Stations To Power Up Your Event

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Charging stations are the new event tech accessory that goes down well with attendees and shows them you care, here are some ways to integrate them into your next event.

Give attendees all the juice that they need by incorporating a charging station into your event planning. In the age of digital we all carry our smartphones and devices everywhere and if you want to encourage attendees to use them, they are going to need a place to charge them (no-one’s battery life is THAT good.) Charging stations can help you build trust between audience and brand at a trade show or simply show loved ones you care at a wedding or informal party, either way, they are becoming an event must-have.

  1. Reception Desk

A “no phone” policy is common at meetings but this corporate reception desk offers an extra incentive by having charging stations for attendees as the sign in. Staff look after their devices during the meeting, so they can focus 100% and when they finish they are all charged and ready to go, perfect for the entrepreneur on the go. Plus, the branding and signage is useful too.

Credit: Adcharge

  1. Perspex

This sleek design doesn’t take up much space but still creates an accent piece for the event using the highlighted Perspex at the top of the design making it easy to find. This free charging station offers two different types of port to suit any device and is adaptable to add more for increasing attendees.

Credit: Jane’s World

  1. Table Chargers

Seated events don’t have to give up on charging stations as these custom corporate chargers prove. They have 10 ports to accommodate large tables and are a unique branding opportunity, which would double up as a sponsorship idea. For long meeting days, galas or awards evenings attendees will need to charge their phones to capture the event fully.

Credit: Aviancenj

  1. Activation Pillars

These simple pillars can be very effective, particularly at a trade show or exhibition to drawing attendee traffic by highlighting the charging ports. They are easily placed and manoeuvrable to suit your space or booth and a small shelf is used to place devices. Plus, these examples are used for a Nashville concert so they are adaptable for different event types.

Credit: Robbins Tesar Inc.

  1. Lounge Chargers

Integrate a comfort area that allows attendees to charge their devices and network at the same time. This charging lounge example could be spruced up with décor, branding, signage or lighting but functionally it offers a place for attendees to be comfortable, keep an eye on their devices and take a load off.

Credit: Jeff

  1. Solar Powered

Eco or green events can still incorporate technology like these pop-up solar-powered charging stations, perfect for outdoor events. As you can see they offer temporary charging and would obviously suit the sunnier climate or seasonal events but would particularly suit a summer festival to give your event a little something extra.  

  1. Lock Boxes

These rustic lock boxes are an excellent DIY charging station idea for multiple devices to keep safe for attendees. They involve ordinary lock boxes that simply have an outlet lead cabled through the bottom but a traditional key system to ensure safety and security. There has to be a better numbering system than a bent spoon though.

Credit: elweroylalatina

  1. Theme Stump

So that you don’t ruin your theme or ambience, incorporate charging outlets into themed décor or even furniture like this is an interesting idea. Disney has started adding charging stumps around some of their parks like in this example as an interactive way to also provide the charging service without compromising the atmosphere which can be adapted into events.

Credit: Happy Traveler

  1. Charge Bar

Accommodate many attendees at once with these bar-style, pay-as-you-go, charging stations. Attendees simply select what they want on the digital screen, pay and then have access to the lock box until it is time to collect their phone again for a quick and efficient experience. These would be particularly good for trade shows where guests can go and look at different booths while they wait for charging or you could put this by your event entrance so as people walk in they can check their devices in.

Credit: Charge Bar

  1. DIY

Charging stations don’t have to be complicated or costly and you can recreate the effect yourself for weddings or informal parties. This sweet make-your-own charging station simply consists of an extension adapter providing more outlets for attendees to plug in and some effective signage letting them know how they can utilize this table. You can leave it as just the outlet or go that one step further and provide specific leads to suit different devices to give extra thought.

  1. Info Station

A good idea for charging stations is to give attendees something to do while they wait because many won’t be happy openly leaving their phone on charge at a station like this one without locks. Having a branded station such as this one makes an impact but the area to leave brochures or publications uses the time to market and promote to your demographic while waiting.

Credit: Ed, Comp Charge

  1. Booth Platform

An alternative to the previous is to have an open manned station where attendees can either charge their phones and come back later as they are looked after by the brand (this would instil trust) or stand and talk to booth staff while they wait. You could also opt for interactive workshops or experiences at your booth to make this more memorable and enjoyable rather than a “sales pitch.”

Credit: Adcharge

  1. Digital Screens

This table is upscaled to accommodate more attendees in a smaller space and then uses digital screens to deliver content to them for marketing purposes. Many prefer the digital medium over having to read publications and choose to have the screens relay music or product videos such as demonstrations or a related keynote to attendees instead which this station would facilitate.  

Credit: Epic Event Solutions

  1. Cocktail Table

Turn charging into a secondary function by promoting networking first. This conference cocktail table is multi-functional and has printed event signage on the top, is a unique design and allows attendees to stand, chat and then plug their devices into the second deck if they want too. It creates a natural piece that can be used for different things, even if attendees aren’t looking to charge up so you don’t waste budget on unused rentals.

Credit: Lisa Santoro, SmartSource Rentals

  1. Pillar Lockers

Upscale the locker ideas for conferences or exhibitions by providing charging opportunities and emphasizing safety. These pillar examples take space upward making them more slimline for smaller spaces which could also be used as a screen or functional room divider. Accommodating 12 devices at a time with individual keypads for codes on each locker it makes them more secure against theft.

Credit: Power Up

  1. Festival Charging

At the Middle Waves music festival, these table chargers were a big hit due to the lead options and the adaptability for making sure that all devices were catered for. The resting shelves also make them more neat and tidy at this stand so that the table can still be used to interact with attendees and avoid making it seem novice or unorganized which doesn’t inspire confidence.

Credit: Alt 99.5

  1. Mini Station

Sometimes it’s important to not overthink it and this quirky option is a simple creation that stands out. Aside from the light-up signage, the station itself is created from a junction box so that an outlet, switch and bulb can be wired in, enough for a few devices but also to make a big statement.

Credit: Stepgroupinc

  1. Hashtag Stands

Event hashtags can be important marketing tools to get that viral social media going as well as help attendees find each other or pictures and experiences from the day. These small stands incorporate different elements that we have seen including a small structure for space saving, shelves to rest devices and multiple charging options to suit many guests. They would be perfect either side of a booth, entrance or attraction.

Credit: Kendia2017

In Conclusion

As you can see, a charging station comes in all shapes and sizes, from the intricately safe keypad unlocking to the simple designated station that you can use. Either way, keep up with this growing event trend and keep your attendees happy and connected.